2018 Silver Retreat

Join us and fellow Silver leaders at the 2018 Silver Retreat! Our recognition and training event for high-achieving Silvers is an event that can’t be missed! Held in Salt Lake City, Utah, and at the Mona, Utah, farm September 13–16, our annual retreat for all new Silver members is a must-attend event for rising Young Living leaders.

The retreat will feature a full tour of the Mona farm and distillery, which will allow attendees to see our Seed to Seal® program in action. Sourcing, Science, and Standards are at the heart of Young Living’s industry excellence, and our Silver leaders will receive personal insight into Seed to Seal during the walk through.

Participants will also learn the proven path toward achieving success—both in their businesses and personal lives. Silvers will leave the retreat renewed, refreshed, and more inspired than ever to take Young Living to the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where and when is the 2018 Silver Retreat?
A. The retreat will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, and at the Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah, September 13-16.

Q. What are the qualification requirements?
A. Any member who has qualified as a Silver for three consecutive months between May 1, 2017, and April 30, 2018, and who has not previously attended, is invited to one Silver Retreat. This reward is offered for one person per membership.

Q. What if I was paid as a Silver before, but this is my first time achieving Silver three months in a row?
A. Although you have previously reached and been paid at the rank of Silver, you are invited to attend based on the first time you qualify as a Silver for three consecutive months. For example, Dawn was paid as a Silver for the first time in January 2017. However, her three consecutive months of being paid as a Silver weren’t until August, September, and October 2017. She would be invited to the 2018 Silver Retreat regardless of being a Silver once before, even if it was prior to the current qualification period.

Q. What if not all of my three consecutive qualifying months are within the qualification period?
A. The retreat you will be invited to attend is based on the qualification period in which your third qualifying month falls. For example, Glen advanced to Silver in April 2017, then was a paid as a Silver again in May and June 2017. Because his third consecutive month of Silver falls within the current qualification period, he is eligible for the 2018 Silver Retreat, even though his first consecutive month began in the previous qualification period.

Q. If I qualify to have all expenses paid, what does that cover?
A. Young Living will cover the cost of the qualifying member’s flights, housing, certain meals, and certain activities during the retreat dates. Incidental costs, such as meals during travel, airline baggage fees, etc., will be covered at the attendee’s expense.

Q. I can’t attend this year. What can I do?
A. If you qualify for a recognition retreat but are unable to attend, you may defer your qualification to the next retreat for that same rank one time.
To request a deferral, please send an email to recognition@youngliving.com before the end of the subsequent qualification period with your name, member number, rank, and reason for the deferral.
Qualifying members may defer their recognition retreat only once per rank. If you defer, you will receive an email invitation to register for the next retreat after new qualifiers are determined.
If you have deferred your recognition retreat attendance after the provided deadline, you will be required to pay a deferral fee to attend the next year’s retreat.


Q. How do I register?
A. If you qualify, you will receive an email with your qualification information and a link to the registration site.
Registration closes July 20.

Q. How do I see or edit my registration details?
A. You can view and edit your registration details on the retreat registration page. On the web page, click Already Registered? > Modify > Information or Already Registered? > Modify > Registration for you or any of your guests.
All modifications must be completed 30 days prior to the retreat.


Q. What if I want to bring my co-applicant, business partner, or another adult guest?
A. Only one member per account can attend and be paid for by Young Living, but you can invite one adult guest to attend for a fee of $500, which includes retreat meals, accommodations, event activities, and ground transportation for retreat functions. Guests are responsible for airfare or preferred travel method. Guests must be at least 18 years old to attend.

Q. May my guest attend all the meetings and activities with me?
A. If a guest ranks below Silver, he or she may not attend training sessions.

Q. I had a baby recently. May I bring an infant with me?
A. Attendees are permitted to bring an infant within nursing age. Attendees will pay any extra costs associated with bringing their infant.

Q. May I bring my children?
A. Young Living is a family company, and as such, we understand that you may want to bring your children with you to the retreat. Please note that while this is allowed, children will not be able to attend event activities or meals.

Q. Can I transfer my guest ticket to another guest?
A. Yes; to change a guest’s information, please log in to your registration, click on “Modify,” and then click on “Information” or “Registration” for your guest. All transfers must be completed 30 days prior to the retreat.

Q. Can I cancel my guest ticket?
A. Yes; however, guest tickets canceled within 30 days of the event will be subject to a 50 percent cancelation fee. Cancelations made prior to 30 days before the event will be fully refunded.


Q. When should I arrive and depart?
A. Please plan to arrive before 4 p.m. on September 13 and depart at any time on September 16.

Q. May I book my own flights?
A. Due to the size of the Silver Retreat, our travel partner, Christopherson Travel, will be making all arrangements, including airfare booking. If you choose to book your own travel arrangements, Young Living will not reimburse you for the costs.
Christopherson Travel will reach out to qualified attendees after registration to coordinate travel arrangements.
If you would like Young Living to book your guest’s flight in conjunction with yours, please let Christopherson Travel know when they contact you to review your flight itinerary. Credit card payment is required at the time of booking your guest’s flight.
All flights must be booked by August 19.

Q. What class are the flights? May we upgrade?
A. All flights will be booked coach. Any upgrades will be at the attendee’s cost.

Q. Will ground transportation be provided to and from the airport and my hotel?
A. Ground transportation to and from your hotel and the airport will be provided only on September 13 (September 12 for international members needing to arrive early) and September 16.

Q. May I drive to the retreat instead of fly?
A. You may drive, but you will need to provide a mileage receipt to travelrequests@youngliving.com by September 23 to receive a standard mileage rate reimbursement. Your reimbursement amount cannot exceed the cost of what your flight would have been.


Q. May I share a room with a friend?
A. Each qualifier will receive their own hotel room. If you are bringing a guest, you will be required to share a room with that guest.

Q. At which hotel am I staying? Do you have my hotel confirmation information?
A. All attendees will stay in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Hotels will be assigned after registration closes. Hotel room confirmation information will be emailed to you within a month of the retreat.

Q. May I book my own hotel room?
A. You may not book your own hotel room during the event dates.

Q. May I arrive a day or two early or stay a day or two later?
A. You are welcome to extend your stay, and we will cover the airfare cost up to the amount of the original flights; however, you will need to pay for your own hotel accommodations for the additional nights. To request to extend your hotel stay, please email events@youngliving.com. Please note that Young Living will cover only the cost of ground transportation, meals, and hotel accommodations during the retreat.


Q. What should I bring?
A. When packing for your visit, make sure to include the following, in addition to any usual travel necessities:
Cocktail attire for the welcome dinner
Business-casual attire for the trainings
Comfortable clothing and shoes for Farm Day
Casual wear for the closing party
Be on the lookout for more tips on what to pack as the event date nears!

Q. Will translation services be available during the event?
A. Translation services will be provided at the retreat based on requests made during the registration process.