October Workshop Calendar


Oct 6, 2020 (Tue)

Discovery of YL supplements: Fundamental Nutrition (Cantonese)
Speaker: Kiana Wong, Product Trainer
Irregular eating patterns is common in our busy day-to-day lives that may easily lead to nutritional imbalance. Furthermore, we are facing different kinds of pollutions and pressures that increase the generation of free radicals in our bodies. In this workshop, we will share with you how Young Living's nutritional supplements help to fulfill your everyday needs.
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Oct 13, 2020 (Tue)

Essential Oils Beginner Course: Stress Relief (Cantonese)
Speaker: Kiana Wong, Product Trainer

There are many types of essential oils and beginners may be confused when choosing essential oils for stress relief. In this workshop, I will introduce the soothing, relaxing and sweet essential oils that beginners must choose for relieving stress to you.

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Oct 22, 2020 (Thur)

[MODULE 3]: BUILD (Cantonese)
Speaker: Charlotte Szeto, Senior Compliance Officer
  • To provide the relevant policy and procedure support for different ranks members and protect YLHK's reputation
  • Building business with integrity
Meeting password: 850836

Oct 27, 2020 (Tue)

Hong Kong & Macau Incentive Trip 2021 — Briefing Session (Cantonese)
Speaker: Farrah Wong, Sales Executive Supervisor

This workshop is specially for all Silver and above leaders to understand the qualification criteria of our latest incentive trip! Be ready and go with your teams!