Recognizing Your Milestones!

Making the jump from Silver to Gold takes a driven leader with a unique passion for a pure, natural lifestyle. Attaining Gold rank is an accomplishment in itself—but attaining Gold through our Bridge to Gold program is a whole new level of achievement. Because Bridge to Gold isn’t a prerequisite for reaching Gold rank, not all who attain Gold will receive the Bridge to Gold reward. It’s for those who go the extra mile to inspire others and build a solid foundation for success.
Recipients of the Bridge to Gold reward will have met these challenging requirements:
Build two new legs of 1,000 OGV — or Organizational Group Volume — each, in addition to the legs required for Silver
Reach at least 22,500 OGV, which is halfway between the volume required for Silver and Gold
Achieve the first two requirements in the same month and within six months of reaching Silver for the first time
This page is where we celebrate our Bridge to Gold qualifiers. We celebrate those who have shown exceptional drive and a devotion to helping build healthy homes for each of us and a healthy world for all of us.
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