1) Can I cancel my purchased tickets?
All purchased tickets cannot be refunded. If you purchase your ticket(s) online, you can change ticket holder’s name at EventBrite on or before 3 August 2018.
2) Can I bring children to the event?

You are not suggested to bring children to the event for better experience for your and other members. You are welcomed to bring infants to the event if necessary, but no baby-friendly restrooms or nursery services will be provided. If children affect or obstruct any events, they will be requested to leave the venue with accompanying persons.

3) Will order and pickup service be provided at the venue?

No order and pickup service will be provided at the venue. All orders from the event will be processed within 5 business days after the event and delivered in later time.

4) How can I become a Young Living member?
You may ask your friends who are Young Living members for details of membership and registration. You may also register online to join the Young Living family.
5) Will lunch be provided at the venue?
Lunch will not be provided on the day of the event.