Yoga Set

As everything rushes around you, keep yourself in balance with the Yoga Set. Balance your spirit, self and surroundings with this six-piece set of yoga essentials and help kick-start wellness goals for the new year.

The Yoga Set includes:

Aroma Siez: A relaxing blend designed for massaging away muscle and body discomfort associated with exercise. It also provides comfort for head, neck and tired feet as part of a soothing massage.

Peppermint: Familiar and nostalgic, Peppermint oil can be diffused to create a focused atmosphere for your yoga practice. Also apply topically to create a cool, tingling sensation on the skin.

Northern Lights Black Spruce: Distilled at Young Living’s Northern Lights Farm in British Columbia, Canada, this essential oil has a rich, woodsy and invigorating scent. Diffuse during yoga or meditation to evoke the fresh and peaceful feeling of the forest.

Citrus Fresh: This relaxing, calming blend creates a sense of well-being, creativity and joy. Can also be used as a freshening air purifier.

Tranquil Roll-On: Our proprietary Tranquil blend of Lavender, Cedarwood and Roman Chamomile essential oils was formulated to calm and relax the body and mind. The convenient roll-on applicator allows you to carefully apply to your pulse points before or after your yoga session. Use Tranquil and the mind-body connection to reflect on peaceful yoga moments during times of stress.

Thieves Spray: Freshen up your yoga mat after class with a quick spritz of Thieves Spray. The small bottle is perfect for travelling or keeping in your yoga bag.

In this set: Aroma Siez 15 ml, Peppermint 5 ml, Northern Lights Black Spruce 5 ml, Citrus Fresh 5 ml, Tranquil Roll-On, Thieves Spray