White Angelica Essential Oil

White Angelica™ is a calming and soothing blend that encourages feelings of protection and security. It combines oils used during ancient times to enhance the body's aura, which brings about a sense of strength and endurance. Many people use it as protection against negative energy.

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For 25 years our Seed to Seal® quality commitment has been both a promise to you and a reflection of our sense of global stewardship and accountability. We believe you want only the best for your family and yourself—products that are genuine, free from harmful synthetics, and of unmatched purity. Our proprietary Seed to Seal promise is our pledge to you, the earth, and ourselves that Young Living products will be the best available, now and always.

Seed to Seal and its three pillars—Sourcing, Science, and Standards—are infused into every aspect of our exacting essential oil production processes, both on our own farms and our carefully curated family of partner farms. Seed to Seal is infused into our painstaking quality testing and retesting to ensure that your family enjoys the purest essential oil products on the planet. Ultimately, Seed to Seal is infused into everything we do. We know that for us—and for you—simply nothing else will do.

Product Snapshot

Product Snapshot

Features & Benefits
  • Has a sweet, warm, floral fragrance
  • Can be diffused to create a peaceful, comforting environment
  • May enhance the appearance of healthy-looking skin
  • Offers skin-beautifying benefits when combined with Young Living’s ART Light Moisturiser
Aromatic Profile
From the bottle: Warm, complex, floral aroma
Diffuser Blends
  • Sweet Dreams
  • 4 drops White Angelica
  • 4 drops Peace & Calming
Works Well With
  • Raindrop Technique Kit
  • Relaxation Massage Oil
  • Elemi essential oil
  • Frankincense essential oil
  • Harmony essential oil blend
  • Release essential oil blend
  • SARA essential oil blend
  • Trauma Life essential oil blend
  • Joy essential oil blend
  • Bath & Shower Gel Base
  • ART Skin Care System
  • Boswellia Wrinkle Cream


Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet almond) oil
Citrus aurantium bergamia* (Bergamot) peel oil
Commiphora myrrha* (Myrrh) oil
Pelargonium graveolens* (Geranium) flower oil
Santalum album* (Sacred Sandalwood) wood oil
Cananga odorata* (Ylang ylang) flower oil
Coriandrum sativum* (Coriander) seed oil
Picea mariana* (Black spruce) leaf oil
Melissa officinalis* (Melissa) leaf oil
Hyssopus officinalis* (Hyssop) leaf oil
Rosa damascene* (Rose) flower oil
*100% pure essential oil
Suggested Uses

Suggested Uses

  • Diffuse White Angelica to create a peaceful, nurturing environment in any space.
  • Use it during yoga or meditation to create a positive and comforting atmosphere.
  • Add it to your favorite moisturiser to enjoy its skin-beautifying benefits.
  • Apply it to your wrists and neck like perfume to enjoy a lovely fragrance throughout your day.
  • Apply it before providing the Raindrop Technique or other massage or body work treatment.
Where to Diffuse
  • Enhance the sense of sanctuary in your home with the inviting aroma of this inspired blend.
  • Cultivate quiet and calm wherever you seek spiritual elevation when you surround yourself with this rich, warm scent.
  • Transform your desk into a haven of inspiration with this blend’s bright citrus and deep woodsy fragrances.
  • Add an air of elegance to a relaxing spa day with floral scents such as Ylang Ylang, Rose and Geranium.
Add a touch of warmth, peace and comfort to any space by diffusing White Angelica’s sweet, floral, earthy aroma.
Label Directions
Diffuse up to 30 minutes 3 times daily.
Get to Know

Get to Know

Product Background
Each essential oil in White Angelica was carefully selected to help promote a positive, peaceful atmosphere when diffused. Ylang Ylang has a luxurious, velvety scent and is often used as a key note in perfumes. Bergamot is cold pressed from the resin of the bergamot fruit and adds a fresh, bright aroma. Although Melissa comes from the leaves of the melissa herb, it also has notes of citrus and is treasured for its gentle, comforting aroma. Geranium has been used for centuries for its lovely, soft fragrance and skin-benefitting properties. The classic scent of Rose gives the blend a touch of sweet nostalgia and offers skin benefits. Myrrh, Hyssop, Black Spruce and Sacred Sandalwood balance the sweet and fresh aroma of the floral and citrus oils with a deep, rich, earthy scent.
Introduced to Young Living in: 1994