Relaxed Nights Set

Ideal for cosy autumnal and winter nights, here you’ll find a massage-lovers bundle. Set the tone, get prepared, and let the day’s busyness depart! Two oils which lend themselves to such an evening are Roman Chamomile, with its relaxing tones and Ravintsara, similar to Eucalyptus with refreshing notes. To top it off we include free hot massage stones for you to enhance the sensation of the massage. Relaxation has arrived!


  • Ravintsara 5 ml
  • Relaxation Massage Oil 236 ml
  • Roman Chamomile 5 ml

Free set of four hot massage stones, black in a branded black drawstring velvet pouch and pictures of how to use. Stones approx. 6 cm x 5 cm x 0.6 cm.

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How To Use

Please see individual products for details.

Hot Stones:

Soak in hot water or boil in a pot which can withstand temperatures of 100 degrees C or put in a microwave and heat on medium heat for one minute. Caution:

  1. Wipe the natural stone clean. Boil before first usage.
  2. Avoid touching the stone directly when hot. Wrap in a towel.
  3. The hot stones will retain heat for about 7-8 minutes, longer if covered.
  4. The length of time the stones retain heat depends on the room temperature.
  5. Do not touch cold water nor take a bath within half an hour of using the stones.
  6. Drink plenty of warm water (not cold or iced water).
  7. Do not use within an hour of eating.


Please see individual products for details.