Healthy Holiday Collection

As the seasons change, we all need a little extra support to stay happy and healthy. The ultimate supplement collection for any wellness warrior, help support a healthy wellbeing routine with Life 9, Inner Defense and MultiGreens.

Life 9: This proprietary combination of 9 friendly bacteria strains features 17 billion live cultures that are essential to support a healthy system. Contains 30 capsules.

Inner Defense: Features powerful essential oils including Thyme, Oregano and Thieves. Contains 30 softgels.

MultiGreens: It feels good to be green! Made with spirulina, bee pollen, Pacific kelp and essential oils, help support your liver—the body’s natural detoxifier—with the choline in MultiGreens, which contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function. Contains 120 capsules.

Includes Life 9, Inner Defense, MultiGreens.