Driving Home For Christmas

Everything you need to make that last-minute dash to the in-laws, parents or friends that little bit less stressful. We can’t promise there’ll be peace and quiet but there’ll be Peace & Calming!

Featuring our Car Vent Diffuser—a simple, stylish diffuser which uses oil-absorbing cotton pads and the air conditioning or heat from your air vents to fill your car with the aromatic benefits of essential oils—bring the comforts of home to any car journey with your favourite singles and blends. Whether you want to stay awake and invigorated on a long drive or calm and unwind as you get closer to home, let the Car Vent Diffuser change the way you travel. Plus, say goodbye to overpowering synthetic air fresheners for good!

Includes Car Vent Diffuser (Grey), En-R-Gee 15 ml, Stress Away 15 ml, Peace & Calming 5 ml.