Cooking With Joy: The Happy 3

The secret to the best family recipes? Love and that special blend of herbs and seasonings. Encourage joyful cooking and put a smile on their face with The Happy 3 set! Includes three brand-new cooking oils to recreate your favourite family recipes:

Dill+: Dill+ essential oil provides a fresh, pungent flavour to replace fresh or dried dill in soups, stews and dressings. With fresh dill being a key addition to many traditional Russian, Mediterranean, Asian and Scandinavian dishes, Dill+ is a great way to lend a rich depth of flavour to a wide variety of cuisines! YL tip: Combine Dill+ with olive oil to use as a marinade for fish and veggies.

Marjoram+: Marjoram is found in many savoury dishes, especially those from Mediterranean countries like Italy. Steam distilled from the leaves of the plant, Marjoram+ essential oil has a similar flavour to Oregano+ and is the perfect complement to fish, chicken, soup and vegetable dishes. YL tip: Perfect to add to your tomato-based sauces.

Tarragon+: Tarragon is considered one of the four key seasoning ingredients in traditional French cooking. Native to southern Europe, Tarragon+ is steam distilled from the leaves of the plant and features a distinctly strong, herbaceous flavour. Goes well with baby vegetables, like artichokes and asparagus, and is often used in tomato and egg dishes. YL tip: Add a tiny drop of Tarragon+ to any of your favourite French dishes and prepare to be amazed!

Includes Dill+ 5 ml, Marjoram+ 5 ml, Tarragon+ 5 ml.