Race to the Finish

Race to the Finish

Palm trees swaying, soft sandy beaches, ocean surf crashing at the shore—can you picture it? Earn your ticket to paradise with the Race to the Finish global promotion! One hundred winners from around the world will join us next year in beautiful Mauna Lani Bay, Hawaii, for the trip of a lifetime!

Members in good standing who achieve the rank of Executive and higher during the promotional period, October 1st until December 31st, enter a race where records are broken for OGV and where goals are smashed for rank advancement and enrolment growth. If you’re one of the winners from your rank with the most Race to the Finish points or in the top ten finishers from your region, you’ll be celebrating your success in the South Pacific with a guest and other winners!

Though travelling to one of Earth’s most beautiful locales is a once-in-a-lifetime prize on its own, the Race to the Finish doesn’t finish there! At the end of the competition, the top three global competitors will also receive a cash reward. First place will receive $20,000, second place will receive $10,000 and third place will receive $5,000! That’s strong motivation to finish in the top three!

Make your way to Mauna Lani Bay by earning your Race to the Finish points:

1 point: Your new enrollees or reactivations purchase a Premium Starter Kit

3 points: Members in your downline join Essential Rewards for the first time with a minimum order of 100 PV

5 points: Personal first-time rank advancement over your rank as of September 2017

Up to 20 points per month: Organisational Sales Growth

1 point: Silver and above for each 10 percent of OGV increase over current baseline

1 point: Below Silver for each 1,000 PV in OGV growth over current baseline

We are so excited to cheer you on in the Race to the Finish! In Europe, as well as rewarding our Top 10 qualifiers with the once-in-a-lifetime trip to Hawaii, we will also have a special prize for those of you who make it into our Top 50 Europeans!

We know how important it is to connect with other members and attend events, to see for yourself what Young Living is about and how our members share the YL lifestyle. Because of this, we want to reward those of you who don’t quite make it into the Top 10—the next 40 Top RTTF point earners in Europe (so positions 11-50) will receive 300 Euros cashback when purchasing a ticket Travel Voucher to attend any corporate YL event around the globe! This can be the Raindrop Technique and Leadership Experience in Croatia in March, the Beauty School Day in your area in May, International Grand Convention in Salt Lake City, USA, Lavender Harvest in Provence, France or any other corporate event of your choice!

The way to earn points is the same as in the global promotion and you can track the top 200 in your Virtual Office. Be sure to check in each month around the 20th when the leaderboard will be updated—you can check if you are already in the Top 50!

All winners of the promotion will be notified on or around January 15, 2018. To claim your price, you need to contact our Events Team at europeanevents@youngliving.com with receipts and the proof of attendance (event ticket) at your chosen event. Once we have received and verified all of these documents, you will be reimbursed accordingly. Find more details in the Official Rules for Europe.