Helichrysum Seed To Seal Experience 2019

Experience firsthand the purity of Young Living essential oils! With our Seed to Seal standards, Young Living control every step in the production process, from planting the seeds, harvesting the plants, distilling, bottling and delivering to your doorstep. Nothing other than 100% pure, concentrated essential oil is in every bottle—that is our Seed to Seal promise!
Come and surround yourself in the breathtaking natural beauty of helichrysum fields. Overwhelm your senses with the aromatic and purifying distillation process using our state of the art equipment, and learn about YL distillation methods. Experience firsthand all the love and purity that goes into our essential oils, and discover a new appreciation for Young Living’s commitment to quality. Whether you are a YL essential oil lover and enthusiast or want to increase your knowledge to be able to share with others, this back to nature farm experience is for you.
In this two-day programme, you will learn what it takes to ensure Young Living brings you world-leading essential oils. With a specific focus on Helichrysum—known as the ‘everlasting flower’—you will discover how this native Croatian plant is grown and distilled to our Seed to Seal standards. We want you to create special, lasting memories at our YL farms. Led by our incredible Farm Manager, Dominik Bekavac, this educational and experience-filled programme will see him share his years of knowledge and stories of wonderful moments spent with Young Living Founder, D. Gary Young.

The seed to seal experience starts on Saturday 15th June at 09:00 and ends on Sunday 16th June at 16:00.


Tickets are priced at €125 +VAT per person and include:
A visit to the Dalmatia Aromatic Farm
A visit to our Distillery and Distribution Centre
Seed to Seal Training Sessions
Lunch included on June 15-16, 2019


While accommodation fees are not included in the ticket price we have managed to secure a special rate for our members at the wonderful Ivan at Amandria Park to make planning your trip as easy as possible please click here, and enter the booking code ' HELICHRYSUM2019'.

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