YL Himalayan Salt Ball

Experience the soothing powers of massage with our Himalayan Salt Massage Ball—a relaxing gift for anyone who lives life on the go!

Massage with Himalayan salt stones and in general, is a great detoxifier because it is moving the blood around the body—as well as helping to circulate toxins out.

YL Tip: Add essential oils to your hands before warming the Himalayan Salt Ball to infuse your massage experience with your favourite aromas.

Focus your massage on any areas where you hold tension. The extra pressure you can apply with the Himalayan Salt Ball to massage can help to relieve tightness in the muscles—plus you remain in control of how much pressure feels comfortable for you. Alternatively, use frozen to help alleviate pain.

Diameter 65 mm. 100% natural Himalayan salt. Due to natural materials used to create this item, each unique piece will have variation in shape and colour. Colours can vary from dark pink, orange to tan, almost white. Size and weight may also vary due to the nature of the natural material. Packaged in branded box showing ‘How to Use’ (in English).