Benefits of Moving to the New Virtual Office!

Young Living Europe would like to encourage and support you to move away from our ‘old’ existing ‘Classic Virtual Office’ (CVO) to our ‘New Virtual Office’ (NVO). This is beneficial to experience the new improved features as requested over the years by so many of you.

Please also see this as a time of co-operation by helping us smoothing out (by reporting back to us) whatever is not quite right and any challenges you are experiencing. We are here to assist and guide you through any changes, new features or possible difficulties you may encounter. You may want to save this useful information for future reference.

Take time to familiarise yourself now! The New Virtual Office (NVO) offers a lot of new and improved features, which empowers you to arrange most of the day to day tasks yourself, from home. This will also mean less expensive phone calls for you!

Follow the beta links below to migrate to the NVO, and also once you have completed the migration. Please remember, you will still be able to get into the CVO when you log in over the usual link on our website (/en_GB/virtual-office).



Czech Republic:



Europe (EN):

United Kingdom (EN):

We would also like to remind you that the bank transfer as payment method in the NVO is now available. This works exactly like before by contacting our Customer Care Department.

Here are some new features and why you should switch now:

1. PV Assistant:
Have you ever missed a promotion or your commission by half a PV or less? We understand this is very frustrating! Here is the solution - your PV Assistant!

You set your PV limit you never ever want to fall below. Then you fill in your wish list of products. The product(s) on the top of the list have the highest priority and are chosen first, in case one or more products on your order are out of stock. You will be informed via e-mail that there was a replacement on your order to give you the chance to amend your order before it is shipped.
2. ER Orders:
Due to your constructive feedback our ordering process has recently changed to be become streamlined. With this new version, and after the initial set up, you can go into each section (eg. amending products, shipping address, payment option) one by one, and amend your details or products as often as you wish.

Other features and benefits:

- visually more appealing.

- improved functionality.

- you can also choose to take your one ‘Grace’ month with a few mouse clicks.

- you have the ability to choose your Autoship date independently without contacting Customer Care

3. Reports (just to name a few):
Check last order date of members in your group.
Check your group if an ER order was placed.
Check who chose to use their ‘Grace’ month.
4. Linkbuilder:
If you have your own website, this link brings your viewer to the YL sign up page, with your YL ID already added as Sponsor and Enroller. A very handy tool.
5. ER Bonus Points:
Check last order date of members in your group.
Check your group if an ER order was placed.
Check who chose to use their ‘Grace’ month.
6. Sign Up Page:

Last but not least, try the new sign up with potential new Distributors. It is easier, better looking and well arranged. Be aware, anyone signing up in the new system (NVO) will not be able to access the CVO.

Important: the new system is programmed to recognise if an e-mail address is already in use. You will not be able to migrate successfully if this is the case. Should you encounter any difficulties due to this reason, please contact the Customer Care Department.

Should you ever forget your password, or if the login does not work, please click on "Need sign-in help?" (while you are on one of the beta links provided above). You just need to add the information as requested, but please bear in mind that in the field"User name" your YL ID will work too. Follow all the steps, and you will get an e-mail with a link. Click on the link, and you get directed to a page where you can change your password.

We are looking forward receiving your feedback. Please send your feedback to with the subject "NVO - feedback" and in case you encounter any difficulties, please use the same e-mail, but use the subject "NVO" - issue. This will make it easier for us to reply to you in a timely manner.