Young Living Yoga Studio

Young Living Yoga Studio

Welcome to the Young Living Yoga Studio!

If you have an interest in yoga, whether you are a complete beginner or an expert, you have come to the right place! In the Young Living Yoga Studio you will find everything you need for a wonderful yoga practice. Our aim is to help you take advantage of yoga to improve your balance, strength and flexibility.

Yoga can be enhanced with essential oils, for example:

  • To create a studio aroma
  • Inhalation before a class
  • In breathing practice
  • Essential oils can support the practice of recalibration of Chakras (centres located throughout the body, guiding the flow of energy) and keep them flowing smoothly. Yoga poses complement the use of oils on your Chakras.

Available now is our yoga range, which includes yoga products of the highest quality, ethically made: yoga clothing, a yoga mat, a blanket, accessories and more.

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Women’s YL Yoga Leggings

Super-soft, stretchy, and effortlessly stylish with flattering seams that will sculpt your figure, these chic yoga leggings will comfortably support you through every yoga pose while allowing you to keep on trend and are available in a variety of sizes to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enhance their yoga practices and enjoy high-quality, eco-friendly merchandise.

YL Yoga Mat

Look the part whether you’re headed to the gym or are trying out yoga from home with this handy YL Yoga Mat. Made with 100% cotton, this eco-friendly and easy to clean turquoise mat is wonderfully soft, providing a stable yet comfortable layer of protection for your body as you practice.

YL Yoga Blanket

Self-care should always be a priority, and with the help of our new Yoga Blanket, even your workout can have some cosy perks. Made with a cotton-rich blend, this blissfully soft, deep blue blanket should be kept close, providing support and comfort for your head, neck and shoulders before you finish your yoga practice in Savasana.

YL Yoga Socks

Yoga is all about boosting your mental and physical wellbeing, so why shouldn’t treating your toes be part of the equation too? With this 3-pack of bamboo-rich, non-slip socks, you’ll be as comfortable as you are well-equipped to try and test all your favourite new poses. This super breathable and light fabric is excellent at managing temperatures, wicking moisture, and warning away dreaded bacteria, allowing your workouts to stay moisture and odour free for longer!

YL Yoga Hair Accessories

Keep your face free and focus on your workout without distractions thanks to our new, 100% cotton YL Yoga Hair Accessories. Whether your favourite is our stylish purple headband, our super soft scrunchie or a combination of them both, you’re all set to look on trend at the gym while protecting your luscious locks from the split ends and breakage that thinner, elastic hairbands can create.

YL Yoga Bag

Stay stylish while on the go with the help of our new YL Yoga Bag! Not only is this multifunctional bag made with 100% cotton, but it’s branded and big enough to hold all of your favourite yoga accessories too! Pack it up and head out to the gym or use it at home to store all your workout wear – the opportunities are endless!

Young Living Yoga Studio