Summer Incentive 2019

Share your way to Seville!

Make an impact on people’s lives with this year’s Summer Incentive and share Young Living and the Premium Starter Kit! With the sunny season ahead of us, now is a great time to share the abundant benefits of the YL lifestyle and help enhance someone’s wellbeing on all levels.
What’s more, as well as changing lives for the better, you’ll have the opportunity to better your own too! The more you share, the closer you get to a once in a lifetime trip to beautiful Seville where you’ll be one of the first to experience our newest partner farm, Vida de Seville, plus benefit from tailored Leadership Training to accelerate your YL business to the next level. All this, plus the chance to have fun and connect with oilers from all over Europe, to share best practices and create friendships that will last a lifetime.
PGA Catalunya Resort
Meliá Sevilla
Qualification Period:
May 1, 2019 – August 31, 2019

October 13-15, 2019 (3 Days / 2 Nights)

Meliá Sevilla, Spain

Criteria & Reward

Reward Level 1

Share a PSK with 15 new members
Exclusive Gift: Pouch

Reward Level 2

Share a PSK with 20 new members
Exclusive Gift: Carry-on Bag

Reward Level 3

Share a PSK with 25 new members
Leadership Training incl. 2 nights’ accommodation for one

Reward Level 4

Share a PSK with 30 new members
Leadership Training including 2 nights’ accommodation for two

Reward Level 5

Share a PSK with 40 new members
Leadership training, 2 nights’ accommodation and return flights for qualifier and guest
YL Summer Incentive Facebook group
Stay up to date with the latest incentive news over on our new Young Living - Thrive! Europe Facebook group — take a look and join today!

Terms & Conditions

This promotion is available only to active members based in Europe and who have agreed to the Distributor Agreement of Young Living Europe B.V. Please note that the member needs to be in good standing and cannot be involved in any pending compliance cases. Only members who are enrolled and based in Europe count towards this incentive. Everyone who reaches the criteria is invited to attend. Click here for a list of eligible Premium Starter Kits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in this promotion?
Every Distributor who has signed the Distributor Agreement with Young Living Europe B.V. can participate in this promotion.
What is the qualification period for this promotion?
The promotion begins May 1, 2019 at 00:01am BST and ends on August 31, 2019 at 11:59pm BST. The beginning of the time zone is measured according to the Young Living office where this promotion is being sponsored.
I am based in Europe, yet most of my team is based outside of Europe. If I enrol someone living outside of Europe, will this enrolment count towards the promotion?
The new enrollee needs to be a resident in Europe (including Russia) and have signed a Distributor Agreement with Young Living Europe B.V. Anyone you enrol who lives outside of Europe will not count towards this incentive.
Does the new member need to enrol with the Premium Starter Kit (PSK) or can they purchase a PSK during the incentive period?
If someone enrols during the qualification period and they purchase a Premium Starter Kit between May 1, 2019 and August 31, 2019, they will count towards this incentive. The new enrollee needs to be based in Europe (including Russia) and have signed the Distributor Agreement with Young Living Europe B.V. New enrolments or PSK purchases outside of the European market are not included.
How can I track my progress?
Use our helpful tracker to note down your progress — click to download!
We will also have weekly updates in our Young Living - Thrive! Europe Facebook group, where you can track your progress in comparison to other participants.
How will I know that I have qualified for the incentive?
You will be notified by via email once the incentive period is over. We will reach out to all qualifiers by September 20, 2019.
Can I bring my co-applicant, business partner or another guest?
Only one member per account can qualify to attend, but you can bring any other adult as your guest. Guests must be 18 years or older. All guest expenses must be covered by yourself if you do not qualify to bring a guest. This fee includes cost for accommodation, meals and ground transportation during the event as well as any other activities. Please contact if you would like to bring a guest.
Can my guest attend all the meetings and activities with me?
Yes, all guests are invited to join in the fun!
I had a baby recently. Can I bring an infant with me?
Attendees are permitted to bring an infant within nursing age. Attendees will pay any extra costs associated with bringing a nursing infant.
Can I bring my children with me?
Young Living is a family company, and as such, we understand you may want to bring your children with you to the event. Please note that while this is allowed, Young Living will not provide activities, meals, hotel accommodation, transportation, event-branded gear or day care for children.
Can I change my guest ticket to another guest?
Yes. To change a guest’s information, please send an email to All transfers must be completed by September 19, 2019.
What if I want to extend my stay?
You are welcome to extend your stay, and Young Living will cover the flight cost providing there is no increase in the fare. Young Living will only cover the cost of ground transportation, specified meals and hotel accommodation during the event dates.
I qualified to have my flights reimbursed. How long will it take to get the reimbursement for my flights?
Please note that we can only reimburse you after you have attended the event. It will take up to 2 weeks after we have received and verified all receipts that you have provided. Please also take into account the possibility of delayed transaction times due to international bank transfers. In most cases, we intend this process to be faster, yet still within the two-week timeframe.

Cancellation of Incentive trip by Young Living (Europe) Limited

Young Living (EMEA) Limited (YL) is committed to offering high quality incentive trips. Occasionally circumstances will arise which result in the need to cancel a trip. When this is the case, YL will take active and positive steps to inform you as soon as possible by email. YL reserves the right to modify or cancel any event if unforeseen circumstances arise but we will do our utmost to avoid doing so.