Silver in Six

Europe Si6 (Silver in 6) - Programme Rules

Jump on the fast track to success by participating in our new Silver in Six (Si6) programme and experience abundance as a Young Living leader! The prize for successful participants in this special incentive programme includes the Aroma Complete™ Collection which, with over 120 Young Living single oils and blends, is a truly amazing reward for successfully spreading wellness, purpose and abundance. It is the perfect tool for demonstration as well as oil sampling and educational purposes. You will also receive other exclusive gifts – all branded with the Si6 logo. More information to follow!

How to take part in the Si6 programme:

For Distributors, Stars, Senior Stars and future Members
Any member ranking as Distributor, Star, or Senior Star can participate in Si6.
The incentive is open to both current and future members with a valid mailing and shipping address in countries served by Young Living Europe for the whole period.
After reaching the rank of Executive, the member has a maximum of 6 months to reach Silver.
Members must maintain the rank of Executive each month once they have reached it and until they achieve Silver.
Example: A member joins Young Living in October 2013 and achieves the rank of Executive in January 2014. This member must reach Silver by 31st July 2014.