European Leadership Seminar 2016

We are very proud that the following speakers will be attending the European Leadership Seminar 2016 to run strategic workshops where you will develop methods to improve your business.

Kevin Pace

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin is responsible for Young Living’s global financial policies, including accounting, budgeting, credit, insurance, tax, and treasury, and oversees the Human Resources department. As a seasoned financial and tax professional with more than 35 years of experience in private and corporate sectors, Kevin provides vital strategic financial guidance and expertise to the Executive team.

A core business philosophy for Kevin is to always think over the horizon. He believes that if you find the most talented people, earn their trust, provide the tools they need, and get out of their way, they will soar—carrying our business with them.

He loves spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren, riding motorcycles, enjoying the mountains in Southern Utah, and jeeping.

Joey Nanto

Managing Director and Vice President Europe

Joey is responsible for sales, development, and operations of markets outside of North America. In his four years with Young Living, he took the lead on opening Canada, as well as supporting his team’s market openings in Hong Kong, Malaysia, the UK, Sweden, and Germany. He was the general manager of Canada for its first year after opening and led it to 100 percent growth during that time.

He has more than 13 years of experience in international business in the network-marketing industry, specializing in strategic planning, new market development, product marketing, and operations management.

Joey earned a BSBA in marketing from the University of Colorado and enjoys hiking and spending time with his wife and five children. He loves adding Peppermint Vitality™ to water and using Peppermint essential oil topically and aromatically when enjoying the outdoors.

Lindsey Elmore

Director of Global Education and Health Sciences

Dr. Lindsey Elmore brings with her a distinguished background in pharmaceutics, which includes an undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Alabama Birmingham and a doctorate in pharmacy from the University of California San Francisco.

Additionally, Dr. Elmore chairs Young Living’s Scientific Advisory Committee and Veterinary Advisory Committee. Among her many research interests, she is fascinated with natural products, food as treatment for chronic disease, and integrative therapies.

In her spare time, Dr. Elmore enjoys gardening, singing, dancing, and watching her brother play professional baseball.


Sheena has been in the leadership development training industry since 2005. Her upbringing and various experiences in life with different people has gifted her the wisdom to become a steadfast advocate of love and compassion for people.

Through a decade of experience in training over 10,000 people in their Social Emotional Leadership muscles, Sheena sought to continue expanding her knowledge by attaining certifications in Behavioral Analysis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and was trained in Trauma Release Exercises and Brain Based Education. She has built up a strong sensitivity and intuition in listening to what people are communicating, verbally or not.

Sheena believes that it is important for every single person to pay attention to their emotions because every individual has the capacity to tap into the innate wisdom that God has given to each.

Kai Tan

Kai Tan is an Integrative Wellness Coach with Institute of Integrative Health in New York, an advocate of Essential Oils for Physical and Emotional Health, one of the founders of ONE Drop ( and currently, a Young Living Diamond Leader. She educates on whole-some approaches to life’s various health and wellness needs and challenges and is passionate about helping others regain balance in their lives.

Kai was a Personal Life Coach and Corporate Trainer since 2007. She began to re-direct and expand her developmental work into the Health and Wellness field since 2010 after walking through a personal health crisis as well as that of important family members. She holds very dear to her heart a calling to revolutionalize and steer our wellness culture into one that is self-empowering, compassionate, non-intrusive and natural.

This year’s agenda provides a great mix of business and leisure, ensuring an unforgettable time with international Young Living leaders under the Spanish sun.