European Leadership Seminar 2016

Your leadership changes lives as you put others before yourself and lead them to achieve wellness, purpose and abundance. There is nothing Young Living would like more than to reward you for your leadership, passion and determination, and equip you with the support and skills you need to further grow as a leader.

2016 European Leadership Seminar Qualification Criteria:

Qualification period January 2015 – December 2015

The European Leadership Seminar is open to Gold++ members only. Members may attend the seminar with all expenses paid if they have achieved Gold for three months during the qualification period.

How to participate in the European Leadership Seminar for three years in a row:

Year 1 - Rank advance to first time new Gold and maintain it for 3 months or rank advance in 2015
Year 2 - Maintain Gold for 6 months or rank advance in 2016
Year 3 - Maintain Gold for 12 months or rank advance in 2017