Crown Diamond

Prakama and Markus Hauser


Dr. Hauser has been involved with Young Living since 2001, when she was introduced to the essential oils by a friend. When she met Gary and Mary for the first time, she knew that her purpose was to bring Young Living to Europe.

Markus’ first experience with essential oils came when Dr. Hauser introduced him to Joy™ oil blend and to the Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture™ kit. His life and well-being improved so much that he decided to become a Young Living member and share essential oils with others.

Says Dr. Hauser, “My partner Markus and I love to inspire, nourish, and teach from our hearts many different themes about these precious oils and all other YL products.”

Markus is similarly inspired by the vision of helping others through Young Living. “I was so impressed by the quality of the oils that I needed to share the opportunity of the Young Living lifestyle around the world,” he says. “Achieving financial freedom gave me even more possibilities to support our friends on their journeys to freedom!”

Anita Ochsenhofer


Anita Ochsenhofer isn’t a rookie when it comes to network marketing. Her mother has more than 15 years of network marketing experience and continues to share the knowledge of the industry with her. Anita attributes much of her success to her parents’ great attention to instilling a sense of independence, education, and diligence in her.

Before Young Living, Anita’s career background ranged from the automotive industry to stock trading to massage therapy. Having a unique history has allowed Anita to support her business and support her Young Living downline every day—something that she feels is one of the most important routines for success.

Her Young Living momentum continues as she looks to continue growing her Young Living business. Anita’s definition of success is simple: setting and achieving goals that are connected to what matters most to her.

Dietfried Wruss


Dietfried Wruss grew up in Graz, a town in southern Austria. After his strict upbringing and years in the army, he pursued an education in economy and law. However, he longed for the independence that comes from owning a business, and he felt the need to help others find a better life. When Young Living came along, he discovered that everyone can find freedom, balance, and abundance—and he couldn’t wait to share it.

Since starting his Young Living journey, Dietfried’s life has changed drastically. He met his sweetheart, Alexandra, at an Austrian Young Living event in 2008. The two hit it off right from the start, and their relationship has only continued to deepen and grow. Dietfried says that Alexandra is much more than a spouse, partner, and good friend; to him, their relationship is more beautiful than anything he could have dreamed of. Although he frequently travels, Dietfried is always grateful to spend time at home with Alexandra and their children.

Dietfried loves that at Young Living’s foundation is the opportunity for individuals to live a better life, and when he’s sharing Young Living, he looks for people who are ready for make their dreams come true. His best advice to people who are just beginning their journey? Remember that your business starts with you, so discover who you are and never stop growing. Once you realize that life has unlimited potential, you can find true success doing what you love with passion and freedom.