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Mary's Wellness Kit

Cleanse and purify with Mary’s Wellness Kit! Let go of negativity, frustration and uncertainty with four uplifting and empowering essential oil blends. This spring, just as nature blooms bright, allow your inner self to shine forth! Mary’s Wellness Kit is inspired by clearing out limiting beliefs and old stories; moving from fear to love. Heal your heart and follow your bliss, making space for more joy, freedom, peace and positivity!
Please note that due to high order volumes, expected order processing and/or shipping will be delayed or will take longer than usual.
Forgiveness 5 ml
Gratitude 5 ml
White Angelica 5 ml
Joy 15 ml
Thieves® Household Cleaner, 426 ml
Let go
Look into the mirror and say one positive affirmation and one thing you need to forgive. Dilute and dab Forgiveness on your chest, breathing in the Rose notes, believed to open the heart chakra for unconditional love.
Say thank you
Create an attitude of gratitude with sacred rituals, diffusing Gratitude essential oil blend. Turn down the noise and tune into the power of positivity, taking in the grounding Vetiver notes.
Dilute and dab sweet and spicy White Angelica blend onto your neck, chest and feet. Includes soothing Frankincense, used as incense during sacred rituals. Invite more peace and protection into your life!
Enjoy life
Enjoy the little things with Joy. Take in the Tangerine and Jasmine notes as you apply this uplifting blend on your neckline, connecting to stillness, spirituality and inner contentment.
Spring clean your home with Thieves® multi-purpose Household Cleaner. Spot clean with this sweet and spicy plant-based formula; letting go of the old and allowing more room for new possibilities!

Terms and Conditions: Mary’s Wellness Kit

Available for One-Time and ER Monthly orders only. Mary’s Wellness Kit and associated offers are available for Young Living Europe members from May 18, 2020, while promotional stocks last. Please quote the allocated code (#33914) as shown in this email to access this promotion. Due to high order volumes, expected order processing and/or shipping may take longer than usual. Mary’s Wellness Kit is not available to purchase or redeem using ER points.
All individual products in the Mary’s Wellness Kit are available with no limit for the duration of the promotion and while stocks last.

A Journey Through History Kit

Go back in time discovering the power of essential oils with A Journey Through History Kit! Trace back the finest and most potent botanicals and learn how each all-star oil was celebrated and used by the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. From bathing, spiritual relaxation and skincare routines, each beautiful essential oil has a unique story to tell. Close your eyes, set intentions and create your own self-care ceremony, connecting to the past, present and future. Enhance inner calm, harmony and wellbeing, inhaling peace and exhaling negativity. Surround yourself with the magic of these special and timeless scents. Your journey through history starts now!
Please note that due to high order volumes, expected order processing and/or shipping will be delayed or will take longer than usual.
Frankincense 5 ml
Juniper 15 ml
Thyme 15 ml