Education Events


An Introduction to Young Living

What is Young Living and what are essential oils? How can essential oils benefit you and your family?

Join us as we answer these questions and many more at Ignite: An Introduction to Young Living! This introductory event is the perfect place to learn about the history of Young Living and the many different ways you and your family can experience essential oils. Come join us at an Ignite meeting near you to discover or share with a friend all that Young Living has to offer!


Wellness, Purpose and Abundance

Imagine a life filled with wellness. Imagine a life filled with purpose. Imagine a life filled with abundance. Come join us, and Accelerate your Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance. Experience a more advanced look at essential oils and what they can offer your friends and family.

Join Young Living experts and go more in depth about building your business, how to support your wellness with Young Living and much more!


Whole-Life Wellness

Imagine optimized energy, physical strength, mental clarity, and emotional wellbeing—all supported by a more natural approach. Get real world advice from licensed healthcare providers at Empower: Whole-Life Wellness, an educational program created by Young Living to help you infuse every area of your life with essential oils and oil-infused products!

This day-long experience gives you the scientific knowledge of essential oils and oil-infused products you need to make immediate and lasting changes to your whole life.


A Raindrop Event

The Raindrop Technique® is a unique blending of ancient traditions, intuitive wisdom, and pure essential oils that has helped thousands along their journey. Join expert facilitators, including featured facilitator Tamara Packer, as they guide you through the Raindrop Technique.

With an introductory-level curriculum emphasizing hands-on experience and application, this event will be a fun, enlightening experience for novices and trained professionals alike.


A YL Fit Event
Pack your gym clothes and get ready for some fun at YL Fit! YL Fit is a member-focused event where you can exercise with other members, discover products that will elevate your gym bag, learn how to transform your eating habits, and meet some of Young Living’s brand ambassadors, all in one place!