Canada Product Guide

Canada Product Guide

As an A-to-Z reference for all things Young Living, the Canada Product Guide is an absolute must-have! Whether for your own personal use or to make sharing Young Living easier, this guide brings together a wealth of information all in one convenient printed place. Use the Canada Product Guide to become more familiar with our leading products, as an on-the-go price reference sheet, or as a sharing tool to introduce Young Living to your friends and family. It’s got everything you’ll need for any situation. Keep a look out for how-to-use tips, detailed descriptions, new products, and exciting developments at Young Living featured throughout this information-packed tool.

Product Tips:

  • Keep one at home, in the car, and at the office to be ready to share Young Living any time.
  • Save money and purchase the product guide in a 10 pack so you can have one on hand to share with all of your friends and family.

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Canada Product Guide
Single (English) - $3.29
• Item # 384903
10 pk (English) - $24.67
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Single (French) - $3.29
• Item # 38490308
10 pk (French) - $24.67
• Item # 38500308