The Wellness Resolution

January 1 - February 29, 2020
You started the year with a resolution to be well and share wellness with others. You took the first steps, lifted others up and ignited big transformations at home and in your community – an incredible accomplishment you should all be proud of!

Congratulations to our members in Ontario!

In just 12 short days, you joined together to lead the country in sharing health and well-being.

Each member in Ontario who enrolled or reactivated at least one (1) new member with a Canadian PSK on ER has earned a $10 Product Credit****! Qualifiers will receive an email by March 20, 2020 with more details on receiving their $10 Product Credit.
Congratulations to the top enrollers in each province who achieved a minimum of five (5) qualifying enrollments and reactivations with a PSK on ER between February 18-29, 2020! You’ve earned a one-year supply of NingXia Red, FREE***** (ARV $3,027.60 CAD)! More details on the shipment of the one-year supply of NingXia Red will be shared in an email.

Congratulations to our top Canadian enroller, Ashlee Lynn Plett!

As the top enroller from January 1 through February 29, 2020, with 40 qualifying enrollments or reactivations, Ashlee enrolled more new members than any other Canadian. As a reward for spreading true north wellness, Ashlee has earned a Peloton Essentials Package with 3-month Peloton Membership† (ARV $3,000 CAD).

Congratulations Ashlee! We are so proud of the strides you’ve made in sharing wellness and lifting others up. Your efforts have made an incredible impact on the lives you’ve touched!
Provincial Challenge Leaderboard‡
Total Enrollments/Reactivations February 18-29, 2020Province
901British Columbia
60New Brunswick
63Nova Scotia
43Prince Edward Island
21Newfoundland and Labrador
Enrollments/Reactivations February 18-29, 2020Member Name/Province
29Ashlee Lynn Plett, Manitoba
20Rebecca Seabrook, Ontario
18Megan Herzog, Alberta
15Amber Joy Simonson, Saskatchewan
14Kai Hong Ho, British Columbia
8Jodie Lee Grondin, New Brunswick
Tracie Gallant, Prince Edward Island
Debbie Lynn Howatt-Gallant, Prince Edward Island
7Charlotte Jean Allen, Nova Scotia
6Chelsea Halvorson, Nunavut
Ashley Tulugak, Nunavut
Click here for a complete list of members with qualifying enrollments and reactivations, February 18-29, 2020.

The list was last reviewed and updated March 19, 2020 at 5:00 pm MT.
Wellness Resolution Top Ten†
Enrollments/Reactivations January 1- February 29, 2020Member Name
40Ashlee Lynn Plett
34Rebecca Seabrook
32Meghan Arnott
26Kitty Wong
25Megan Herzog
22Amber Joy Simonson
19Randene Lee Rishaug & Terry Mudryk
17Eliza Jean Tutor Guevarra & Kai Hong Ho
14Cesie Wong & Ma Cherry T Guevarra
13Erin Geddes, Grace CK Wong, Criselda Hedley, Jessica Lindner, Meredith Svetec & Leigh McSwan
Click here for the complete list of members with 1+ enrollments, January 1 – February 29, 2020!

The list was last reviewed and updated March 19, 2020 at 5:00 pm MT.
Those who enrolled* or reactivated** 10+ new members with a Canadian PSK on ER, January 1 – February 29, 2020 earned a Frankincense, 15 ml† PLUS, an ART Skin Care System†.
Retail Value: $309.54 CAD

Frankincense, 15 ml†: Known for its skin-rejuvenating and nourishing properties, Frankincense has been used since ancient times to promote younger, fresher looking skin. Its sweet, warm aroma inspires comfort in both body and mind.

ART Skin Care System: Formulated with pure botanicals and essential oils, the ART® Skin Care System is designed to gently cleanse, balance and hydrate skin to bring out your natural radiance. This 3-step system includes the ART Gentle Cleanser, Refreshing Toner and Light Moisturizer.
Those who enrolled* or reactivated** 20+ new members with a Canadian PSK on ER, January 1 – February 29, 2020 earned an EXCLUSIVE limited-edition Charcoal Lantern Diffuser† PLUS, Rose 5 ml†.
Retail value: $455.26 CAD

EXCLUSIVE limited-edition Charcoal Lantern Diffuser: Let this exquisite diffuser warm and welcome your guests! With longer run times, 11 light features and humidifying and atomizing options, the limited-edition Charcoal Lantern Diffuser is the perfect addition to any gathering.

Rose, 5 ml†: With 22 pounds of rose petals distilled in every 5 ml bottle, Rose is coveted for its skin-beautifying benefits and uplifting, floral aroma. Rose is also proven to relax body and mind, relieve headache and reduce cough and cold symptoms.
Those who enrolled* or reactivated** 25+ new members with a Canadian PSK on ER, January 1 – February 29, 2020 earned a Dyson SupersonicTM Hair Dryer†, a Lavender Mint Daily Shampoo†, a Lavender Mint Daily Conditioner† PLUS, a Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil†.
Approximate retail value: $700.00 CAD

Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer: Fast-drying technology that also cares for your hair! The Supersonic delivers precise, high-velocity airflow while preventing heat damage and protecting your natural shine.

Lavender Mint Daily Shampoo: Formulated with pure, plant-based ingredients, Lavender Mint Daily Shampoo is an invigorating daily cleansing blend for all hair types.

Lavender Mint Daily Conditioner†: Hydrate dry or damaged strands with this nourishing plant-based formula that provides daily moisture for for healthier looking hair.

Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil†: Combining essential oils with Argan oil, vitamin E and more, this luxurious and lightweight botanical formula hydrates and nourishes hair. Use to get rid of frizz and flyaways and add lustre and shine.
*All qualifying enrollments during the Wellness Resolution offer period must be personal enrollments with a Canadian PSK on ER.
**A reactivated member is an inactive Young Living member (in a terminated status) who has not placed an order of 50 PV for 12+ months.
***To qualify for the top enroller reward (the Peloton Essentials Package with 3-month Peloton Membership) the member must have over 25 qualifying personal enrollments with a Canadian PSK on ER during the Wellness Resolution offer period.
****Applies to all members of the top enrolling province with at least one qualifying enrollment or reactivation with a Canadian PSK on ER within the Provincial Challenge offer period, February 18-29, 2020.
***** To qualify for the top provincial enroller reward (one year supply of NingXia Red) the member must have a minimum of 5 qualifying personal enrollments with a Canadian PSK on ER during the Provincial Challenge offer period.
†If promotional product goes out of stock, ER Points equivalent to the PV value of the promotional product, or a product of comparable value will be issued to qualifying members.
‡This list is an un-vetted, un-audited static list of enrollments and is meant only to give members an idea of possible attainment of reward under this promotion. In the event of a discrepancy between the rules used to develop this list and the Official Rule, the Official Rules will govern. Members who qualified for monthly reward(s) will be contacted directly with details for claiming their reward(s).