Vouch for a friend with Essential Rewards!

August 1-7, 2017
It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your home business or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur – building your business is no walk in the park. It takes commitment, drive and an unwavering passion to share what you love. And sometimes all you need is an extra boost to get the momentum going.
That’s why, between August 1-7, 2017, if you place an Essential Rewards order reaching a minimum of 250 PV, you will receive a $20 Enrollment Voucher to give to a friend who’s just getting started!* Order ANY combination of Young Living products on ER, totaling 250 PV during the qualification period, and the Voucher is yours!
Whether you’re goal-setting, hustling, reflecting or just need some extra motivation and focus, we’ve got seven motivating blends that’ll inspire you to find your purpose, map out your goals, tackle your to-do lists and achieve those dreams!
Ready to get started? Gear up with this business building power pack, a suggested order combination of products totaling 250 PV, which could help you harnesses the uplifting power of essential oils to attract positivity, look past the obstacles in front of you, set your intentions, boost your entrepreneurial spirit and confidence, and achieve your dreams.
And, don't forget to check out 4 Tips for Business Building Success with Young Living for even more ideas to help you get started!
Promotional Details:
Applies to OTG Essential Rewards (ER) orders only (excludes NFR orders)
Requires a single ER order of 250 PV or more
Order must be placed August 1-7, 2017
Voucher applied to qualifying accounts immediately
Voucher code can be found in the Order Details section of the Virtual Office
Voucher valid for newly enrolling Canadian members only (does not apply to enrollees in other markets)
Not applicable to existing or reactivating members
Voucher expires August 31, 2018