Rose Enrollment Promo

Planting the seeds of wellness begins with you. When you are intentional about the choices you make, and share your green beliefs with others, you are planting the seeds of wellness to empower your community. Those seeds, the small efforts repeated daily, cultivate a lifestyle that blossoms with natural alternatives for yourself, your family and your community.

And while there’s no greater reward than knowing you’ve connected your community with safe, natural products, between August 1-31, 2018, when you enroll or reactivate 10 new members with a Canadian Premium Starter Kit (PSK) on Essential Rewards (ER), with an initial order of 125+ PV** (a PSK with 25+ PV in product), you will receive the coveted Rose essential oil 5 ml, FREE!*

Don’t miss out on sowing the seeds of success within your community of wellness seekers. Connecting people to a healthy, plant-based lifestyle is the beginning of deep roots of health and well-being.

Enroll 10+ new members with a qualifying PSK at 125 PV on Essential Rewards (ER), August 1-31, 2018

Earn Rose 5 ml* (retail value: $315.13 CAD): Its delicate, fresh-cut aroma encourages feelings of positive well-being, harmony and balance. Rose essential oil is a beauty all-star, elevating any beauty routine with its popular skin-loving properties, a luxurious addition to skin-care favourites, year-round!
Qualifying Premium Starter Kits

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Start with 5!

Get set to elevate your beauty routine and community by helping 5 first!
On your climb to 10, you could also earn the beloved Savvy Minerals Essential Brush Set (retail value $140.13 CAD), FREE with Help 5! All it takes is five qualifying new member enrollments! The high-quality, fundamental five makeup brushes are Italian-made with soft, hypoallergenic bristles. Once you’ve achieved five, keep going to reach five more new members to claim your Rose FREE!
NOTE: For the purposes of the Rose promo offer, meeting the Help 5 qualification requirements alone will not count as qualifying enrollments for earning the free Rose. The definition of a qualifying enrollment differs between the Rose enrollment promo and Help 5. If you are working towards earning both the Savvy Minerals Essential Brush Set and Rose, be sure that each of your enrollments meet the Rose promo enrollment qualification requirements outlined above.
Help your budding new enrollees reach 125+PV!
At Young Living, it’s not just about the products we offer. It is more about the natural, healthy lifestyle that our products provide. The opportunities to transform small aspects of your daily life and invite another dimension of wellness are plentiful!

Help your new enrollees reach the 125+ PV threshold by introducing them to a supplemental lifestyle product they’ll love! From lipstick to laundry soap, help them discover the opportunities that plant-based products open up for them!

Offer Details

Offer valid for qualifying enrollers from 12:00 am MT August 1, 2018 to 11:59 pm MT August 31, 2018.
Personally enroll 10 new or reactivated* members with a Canadian PSK, on ER, at 125 PV
*A qualifying reactivation for the purposes of this offer is a member who has not placed an order with Young Living Canada since July 2017.
Eligible kits are PSK with Desert Mist (24073), PSK with DewDrop (546303), PSK with Thieves (546603) and PSK with NingXia Red (546703).
Limit one Rose 5 ml per qualifying member.
125 PV minimum must be reached in a single qualifying PSK enrollment order on ER.
*Qualifying members will receive their free Rose with their first order of 50 PV or higher placed between September 1-30, 2018. Failure by the member to place an order of at least 50 PV before September 30, 2018 will result in a forfeiture of this award.

**Canadian PSKs have a value of 100 PV. To reach the initial order value of 125+ PV, an additional 25+ PV of product(s) must be added to the order.