Frequently Asked Questions

Race to the Finish
Can I participate?
Any active member who is in good standing with Young Living and reaches the rank of Executive or higher between the promotional period, October 1, 2017, and December 31, 2017, is eligible to participate. A member is considered active if he or she has purchased at least 50 PV from Young Living in the last 12 months and has signed the Young Living Member Agreement.
How do I earn Race to the Finish points?
Members earn Race to the Finish (RTTF) points throughout the promotional period as follows:
Premium Starter Kits:When a downline member who a participant personally enrolls during the promotional period purchases a qualifying Premium Starter Kit (PSK), the participant will earn 1 RTTF point. Points will be awarded for the purchase of only one PSK per personally enrolled downline member during that downline member’s first 30 days of enrollment, and the purchase must be during the promotional period. If during the promotional period a participant personally enrolls reactivated members from terminated status, he or she can earn 1 RTTF point when the reactivated member purchases a qualifying PSK within the promotional period.
Essential Rewards Sales: When a personally enrolled downline member joins the Essential Rewards (ER) program for the first time and makes a purchase of 100 PV or more during the promotional period, the participant will earn 3 RTTF points.
Rank Advancement:Participants will have a starting baseline/paid-as rank for September 2017. For every advancement in rank during the promotional period, the participant will achieve a new baseline and receive 5 RTTF points.
Organizational Sales Growth: Participants with a rank of Silver or higher will earn 1 RTTF point for every 10 percent growth of Organizational Group Volume (OGV), with a monthly maximum of 20 RTTF points. Participants with a rank of Executive or lower on the first day of the promotion will earn 1 RTTF point for every 1,000 in OGV growth from the participant’s then-current baseline OGV, with a monthly maximum of 20 RTTF points. A participant’s OGV baseline will be determined in September 2017 but will reset every month that it increases over the baseline. If the baseline decreases, it will reset to the initial baseline.
How many points do I have?
RTTF points will be calculated and updated monthly, on or around the 20th of the month, and will be reflected in Virtual Office. Log in to view your points.
Can points be transferred?
Points cannot be transferred to any other person.
What happens to my points at the end of the Race to the Finish?
Points will be used only to calculate winners for the RTTF promotion. They will expire once the promotional period has ended and cannot be redeemed for any other Young Living event, program or product. Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed or refunded as such.
What about refunds?
Any product returns or exchanges may result in corresponding RTTF point forfeiture based on how it affects PV or OGV.
When will I know if I win?

Winners of the promotion will be notified on or around January 19, 2018, when all RTTF points have been totalled and verified. Qualifiers will be sent an acceptance email, which will contain a link to a registration form that must be completed before 11:59 p.m., MT, on Friday, January 24, 2018, in order to receive the award. Not completing this process will be considered declining the award and is non-reversible.

A list of prize winners will be available in Virtual Office once all the winners have been selected.

What will I win?

Winners will receive a paid trip to Hawaii for themselves and a guest. Please note that infants and children under the age of 12 are not permitted to attend the trip as a guest. The prize has an approximate value of $10,000 USD. The top three overall global winners will also receive a cash prize: First place will receive $20,000 USD, second place will receive $15,000 USD, and third place will receive $10,000 USD.

Travel arrangements for prizes will be made for winners through Young Living’s preferred travel agent. Arrangements must be completed four weeks prior to the Race to the Finish retreat, March 4–8, 2018.

What are the Young Living Regions?

The North America region covers the United States and Canada.

The Latin America region covers Mexico and Ecuador.

The Asia Pacific region covers Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

The Europe region covers all of Europe, as well as the Middle East, Africa and Russia.