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Cough and Cold Relief Giveaway
Did you know that some Natural Health Products (NHPs) are natural defenders against symptoms of runny nose, cough and sore throat? The next time you’re feeling down and under the weather, try reaching for Lavender, Lemon, Marjoram and Lime essential oils for natural relief from your cough or cold.

Between March 17-21st, 2017, we’ll be giving away this cough and cold relief combo for FREE!
How to enter:
3. Comment on the Facebook post sharing other ways you love using these versatile oils!
The comment* that receives the most number of likes by 10 a.m. MST March 31, 2017 will win all four oils (retail value $134.54 CAD)! Winner will be announced on our Facebook page and contacted directly on Friday, March 31, 2017.
*Please keep your comments compliant with the approved claims and uses for these Natural Health Products (NHPs). Non-compliant comments will not be considered an eligible entry. Please refer to the product pages and information linked below to ensure your comment remains compliant with Young Living Canada’s Policies and Procedures and federal regulations.

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Not sure what these four essential oils do or how to use them? Find out more about why we love these NHPs below!


This bright, refreshing essential oil is cold pressed from the fresh fruit peel of lemons grown in Argentina and the United States. Its fresh, citrus scent instantly uplifts. Lemon essential oil can reduce the symptoms of cough and cold when used in aromatherapy, topically or inhaled and can assist with congestion as it helps to break down mucous.


Often underrated essential oil, Marjoram is a mighty essential oil to have in your arsenal. Its warm, woody aroma is calming and relaxing. Great for massage, this oil is also a must-have to help relieve minor cuts, bruises and burns, joint and muscle pains, eczema and dermatitis, headache, digestive discomfort and cough and cold.


Hailed as one of the most versatile, Lavender is commonly referred to as the “swiss army knife” of essential oils. Steam distilled from the flowering plants grown in Mona, Utah and Simiane-la-Rotonde, France, its relaxing and balancing properties are approved to help relieve joint or muscle pains, headache, digestive discomfort, and cough or cold.


The energizing citrus aroma of Lime is popular for freshening up around the home. What many often don’t know is that this powerful NHP can also be used in aromatherapy or topically to help reduce acne or boils, relieve joint or muscle pain and symptoms of cough and cold.

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