It's more than just a kit, it's a beginning

10% off Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop, March 7-13, 2018
Whether you’re brand new or a long-time Young Living member, the Premium Starter Kit with DewDrop (PSK) is the ultimate foundation for your wellness journey, now 10% off between March 7-13, 2018! With eleven premium essential oils and blends, a home diffuser and more, the PSK includes everything you need to get started on the path to whole-life wellness as an oiler, business builder or both!
While many simply fall in love with the oils as a natural alternative for their family, there are others who turn that passion into a business to supplement household income. Embracing the business opportunity that comes with sharing Young Living essential oils is even easier when our most popular PSK is on sale, for an even greater value!
Equipped with the tools you need to start your wellness journey on the right foot, and introduce someone you know to essential oils, the opportunities for health and wellness stretch beyond what’s just inside your PSK box.

There’s no better time to grab a PSK for yourself and introduce others to the uplifting power of essential oils and start making intentional choices towards whole-life wellness!
Not sure where to begin with your PSK? Don’t fret! Check out the infographic below for tips on when and how to use your PSK oils and ideas for getting started with building your Young Living business!
Promotional Details:
Discount applicable only for OTG orders of the Premium Starter Kit (PSK) with Dewdrop (546303).
10% discount applies to price and PV.
Limit of 3 PSK purchases per member account.
Order must be placed between 12:01 am MST, March 7 and 11:59 pm MST, March 13, 2018 for discount to apply.
Offer valid for Canadian members only (does not apply to other markets).