Bonus November Rewards

November 1st through November 30th

Been pushing hard to increase your rank this month? Well, we've got a surprise for you! This month only, up-rank to Senior Star or above and receive additional rewards for all that hard work!

During November, you can receive the following additional perks when you increase your rank:

Senior Star Achievers: All those of you who hit Senior Star for the first time during November will receive a 5-ml of the one and only Peace & Calming Essential Oil Blend, only recently returned to Canada.

Executive Rank: Working hard to achieve your Executive rank and receive that pretty YL pin, well as an extra thanks, anyone who ranks up to Executive during November will receive a YL Canada SWAG bag to strut around town AND a 15-ml of Peace & Calming Essential Oil Blend for a relaxing night at home.

Silver & Above: Wondering how it will feel to hit Silver or above for the first time in November? Let us help you. Sit back and imagine as you are relaxing on your couch, admiring your two beautiful YL Silver pins with the scent of Valor filling the air, relaxing as your loved one gives you a well-deserved Lavender foot rub. The scent of Thieves & Lemon sneak in from the kitchen where your kids are going to work on giving you the cleanest and best smelling kitchen you've ever seen. You reach down next to you and pick up your blue box to envision all the amazing things you can you with your very own EVERYDAY OILS COLLECTION.

That's right, up-rank to Silver or above during November and we'll send you the original Everyday Oils Collection!

End the month strong and enjoy these additional rewards.

For all of our members who pushed and up ranked to these ranks during October, don't you worry. These rewards will be coming your way!