Race to the Finish

Whether you’ve achieved the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year, or distractions have interfered with your path, now’s the time to refocus and find your pace with Race to the Finish!

Members in good standing who achieve the rank of Executive and higher between October 1 – December 31, 2017 enter a race where goals are crushed for enrollments, Essential Rewards (ER) and rank advancement, and where records are broken for Organizational Group Volume (OGV). Be one of the winners from your rank with the most Race to the Finish points or in the top five finishers from your region and a trip of a lifetime to Mauna Lani Bay, Hawaii could be yours.

By focusing your energies in four key business building areas from October 1st through December 31st, you will enjoy growth in your Young Living business, tackling what remains of those 2017 goals, while also competing for a chance to earn passage to paradise for you and a guest!
Keep your sights set on these four areas to build your business with Race to the Finish:
Earn 1 point for each new enrollee or reactivated member who purchases a qualifying Premium Starter Kit (PSK).
Business Tips
1. Reconnect: Contact Member Services to request a list of the inactive accounts within your organization so you can reach out and reactivate those members.
2. Earn Bonuses: When you maintain monthly orders of 50+ PV, each new member you enroll with a PSK will earn you a Starter Kit Bonus of $32.25 CAD ($25 USD) and a Fast Start Bonus of about $32.25 CAD ($25 USD) (calculated at 25% of the PV value of the enrollee’s order)!
Earn 3 points when your new enrollees or current members you have personally enrolled join Young Living’s member loyalty program, ER, for the first time with an order of 100+ PV.
Business Tips
1. Focus on ER: The more members within your team who participate in ER, the better equipped you are to project whether you are going to reach your monthly Organization Group Volume (OGV) requirements to uprank.
2. Encourage ER at enrollment: For each new member you enroll with a PSK on ER, you will earn 1 point per enrollment (as detailed above), plus 3 points for each member joining ER for the first time with a 100+ PV order!
3. Reach Out: Begin each month by logging in to your VO and visiting My Organization > Reports > Accounts without Autoship. Here you can pull a report of each team member who is not currently on ER.
Earn 5 points for each personal rank advancement you achieve over your rank as of September 2017.
Business Tips
1. Track Performance: Login to your Virtual Office and visit My Organization > Downline Viewer > Qualification Status (under the Actions column) each week. This will tell you where you are at, and what benchmarks you must reach before month’s end to uprank.
2. Encourage Your Team to Uprank: With team members motivated to reach the OGV requirements for their next uprank, you will enjoy higher OGV overall, increasing the probability that you too will uprank.

Members ranked Silver and above earn 1 point for each 10 percent of OGV increase over current baseline for a maximum of 20 points per month.

Members ranked below Silver earn 1 point for each 1,000 of OGV increase over current baseline for a maximum of 20 points per month.

Business Tips
1. Get Your Team Focused on ER: While Quick Orders contribute to OGV, the more members you have participating in ER, the more likely you are to see consistently higher OGV numbers, and the better equipped you are to project whether or not you are on track to reach your OGV goals for the month.
2. Access All Commission Benefits: Bump your monthly order up to 100+ PV to access all commission benefits and encourage your teams to do the same. You and your team members who are at 100+ PV each month will receive commissions on a percentage of the orders placed within the organization! Plus,this will help increase your monthly OGV for additional Race to the Finish points.
Choose with intention today to focus on growth opportunities within your business, and honour yourself by accomplishing those goals before year’s end. Your dedication and perseverance could earn you a chance to sit seaside on crystal-clear waters, practicing your hula dancing.

Plus, the top three overall global competitors will also receive a cash award! First place will receive $20,000 USD, second place will receive $15,000 USD, and third place will receive $10,000 USD. What a way to cross the finish line!

Set your course for Hawaii – you deserve to realize those dreams!

See the Official Rules and FAQs for complete offer details, and be sure to visit your Virtual Office to check out the Leaderboard and see where you are in the rankings.