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The more you know, the more you grow

Growing yourself mentally, physically and emotionally starts with learning. Nourish your learning spirit with inspiring essentials to feed mind, body and soul, and shape the future you. Reach for motivating blends like Valor Roll-on, Envision, Surrender and Joy to move past your inhibitions and help you take those small, daily steps toward your dreams.


Help 5

The act of helping five is at the heart of each Young Living business. When you make it your goal to help five, you have an opportunity to set aside your personal obstacles and negative self-talk to strategically help someone in your community take the next steps towards enhancing their wellness with healthier alternatives. Plus, you’ll earn points toward monthly Help 5 incentives and training to support you in your business.


Earn your spot on the 2019 Global Leadership Cruise

Beginning August 1st, 2018, you have the opportunity to win a spot on our sold-out 2019 Global Leadership Cruise (GLC)! Winners from all around the world will join us for the trip of a lifetime. Earn points through December 31, 2018 by boosting your rank and the ranks of the downline members you earn commission on. Every point brings you closer to winning a spot on the 2019 GLC!