3 Week Throwback Challenge Wrap-Up

After a crazy three weeks, the 3 Week Throwback Challenge has come to a close! In an incredibly tight competition, our top three competitors tied for first place and our next two tied for fourth! For going the extra mile in this race, Young Living Canada is pleased to announce that our top five winners will be rewarded with a little extra!

Our members experienced renewed dedication and exceptional personal growth throughout this challenge, all while further proving that the power of pure essential oils can benefit anyone. We commend everyone on their hard work and are grateful to everyone for facing Eddie's challenge head on!

We are excited to announce the winners of the five cash prizes and the Special Edition Northern Lights First Distillation Kit!
3 Week Throwback Challenge Winners
Tied for FirstAlysia Jantzi - Winner of $1500 cash prize & Northern Lights Kit
Tied for FirstCindra Caverley- Winner of $1500 cash prize & Northern Lights Kit
Tied for FirstKaren B. Cronk- Winner of $1500 cash prize & Northern Lights Kit
Tied for FourthAnnette M Fahselt-Andreas - Winner of $1000 cash prize & Northern Lights Kit
Tied for FourthLisa Marshall - Winner of $1000 cash prize & Northern Lights Kit
Winners of the Special Edition Northern Lights First Distillation Kit
6. Danielle Collin
7.Twyla L Doyle
8.BB Sprairies Inspection and Consultation Inc.
9.Leah Limlaw
10.Sigrid Marchand
11.Vernel Moore
12.Christina Penkala
13.Jen Susanne Silljer
14.Kari Rochelle Rose
15.Joni Klammer
16.Leanne Hintz
17.Amanda D. Mashinter
18.Jennifer McCloskey
19.Sole 2 Soul
20.Serena Emes Dudley
21.Jaime Pardy
22.Valerie Witzaney
23.Jonathan Howard Kuntze
24.Reginald & Joanne Leblanc
25.Meagan Carter
26.Kari-Gail Roy-Jansson
27.Kaylan Lynde Tomasi
28.Jayne Van Der Veen
29.Jennifer Dorsey
30.Emma Kellgren
31.Jill Frederickson
32.Valerie Vivian Leger
33.Patty-Jean St Hilaire
34.Vibrant Balance
35.Tess Boehm
36.Embrace You
37.Christina King
38.Lois Cormier
39.Patrice Difonzo
40.Suzette Farkas
41.Mary Anne Gilliland
42.Rachel Hamilton
43.Tanya Lee Hatfield
44.Kylie Ito
45.Brittany Lyell
46.Jennifer D Pirot
47.Shantelle France's Rank
48.Erica Verity-Osicki
49.Muriel Wilson
50.Alex Ayres
51.Cassandre Hurtubise
52.Crystal Dean
53.Linda Gardiner
54.Julie Hennessy
55.Donna M & Gus Jackson
56.Krystal Moland
57.Christine Piasta
58.Jolynn Pugh
59.Sherri Reimer
60.Amylee Snider
61.Mary Weightman
62.Connie Wishloff
63.Lisa Zehr
64.Allison Miles
65.Angela Cutt
66.Aromatic Day Spa Ltd
67.Megan Elizabeth Bailey
68.Regan Barnbrook
69.Isabelle Beckstead
70.Erin Brunel
71.Terralynn Bykewich
72.Melanie Nicole Cooley
73.Nikki Cornforth
74.Pam Degrace
75.Kinsley Demkowich
76.Rebecca Greggain
77.Heather Japuncic
78.Jordi Klassen
79.Kathy Epp
80.Jennifer Kinch
81.Kyla Brulotte
82.Lauren Grace Irwin
83.Lorelei Lamoureux
84.Christina Lynn Preston
85.Jessica Mae Raupers
86.Christina Reed
87.Shelley Anne Roung
88.Andrea Sernick
89.Mike Skrove
90.Bobbi-Jo Stuart
91.Shauna Welter
92.Katrina Laurie Wiens
93.Pennie Zarowny