Savvy Minerals by Young Living

Simple. Clean. Savvy.
The NEW Standard in Clean Beauty
For generations wearing makeup meant covering your skin in harsh, even toxic, chemicals. For the last few decades, we’ve seen the rise of clean beauty and all the buzz words that go with it: paraben free, phthalate free, etc. What does that even mean? With Savvy Minerals by Young Living®, you can be confident you are part of The NEW Standard in Clean Beauty™.
We’re leading the clean beauty revolution by not only banning the mainstream questionable ingredients, but also taking a deeper look at what you should really be putting on your skin to nourish it. This means we’ve banned even more ingredients than the 1,328 prohibited by the European Union. We’ve banned more than 2,500 ingredients and even some “natural ingredients” other clean makeup companies use.
Makeup should be all about letting your favourite features shine, which is why we will only use authentic ingredients to create our cosmetics.
This is our calling—we’ll never stop making clean and pure cosmetics.

Responsibly sourced. Plant based. Cruelty-free. Essential oil infused. Toxin free. Natural.

YES List: Savvy Minerals ingredients are always toxin free and naturally derived.
Aloe vera leaf extract
Apricot kernel oil
Aspen bark
Bark extract
Cocoa seed butter
Coconut oil
Essential oils
Grapeseed oil
Jojoba seed
Kaolin clay
Magnesium violet
Mango seed butter
Natural Minerals
Olive fruit oil
Safflower seed oil
Sesame seed oil
Shea butter
Sunflower seed oil
Sweet almond oil
Vitamin E
Coal tar
Lake dye
Mineral oil
Nano particles
Petroleum based ingredients
Synthetic colorants
Synthetic fragrances
Synthetic preservatives
*We will also never use any of the 1,328 banned ingredients on the European Union banned cosmetic list.
The Savvy Minerals Difference
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If you're keen to spread the word about the benefits of clean beauty, then this fabulous offer is for you! From November 3rd, you can curate your personalised Savvy Mineral by Young Living 'kit' and enjoy fabulous savings* of up to 30%! Whether you want to build a collection for personal use or create a complete and impressive demo kit for events and get-togethers, this is an offer not to be missed.

Here's the lowdown:

Terms and Conditions

Savvy Sharer’s Special is available on Standard Orders only. Not available on Essential Rewards Orders or Essential Rewards Point redemption orders.
Savvy Sharer’s Special discounts can only be processed via Member Services or Leader Services, not applicable for orders placed via Virtual Office.
Orders processed through Member Services or Leader Services can only include product in the Savvy Minerals by Young Living range. Separate orders will need to be processed for additional Young Living products.
Members are responsible for shipping costs associated with ordered product.
Members must spend the following wholesale amount for the discounts to be applied:
  • Spend AUD$750+ on Savvy Minerals by Young Living products: 30% discount
  • Spend AUD$400 - $749 on Savvy Minerals by Young Living products: 20% discount
  • Spend AUD$250 - $399 on Savvy Minerals by Young Living products: 15% discount
The discounts are applied to AUD wholesale pricing.
PV per product will also be discounted by 15%, 20% or 30%.
Limit of ten (10) of each Savvy Minerals by Young Living product per order.
Members can place one (1) Savvy Sharer’s Special order per month.
Savvy Sharer’s Special is available for Australian and New Zealand wholesale members and are not available for NFR customers.