Silver in Six

Earn your Aroma Complete kit – retail value AUD $3,944.10. This ideal collection contains up to 120 Young Living Essential Oil singles and blends. Perfect for massage therapists and other health professionals. The kit also includes a handsome carrying case in burgundy.

Jump on the fast track to Silver in six months and win a FREE Aroma Complete kit. What’s even better, you can choose from two different routes to achieve success and take on the extra challenge to achieve even more abundance!

Qualification Period
1 January, 2014 – 31 December, 2016.
Qualification Requirements
Open to all Australian members.
Members must register via email to
Strictly only one Aroma Complete kit may be earned in the Silver in Six program per membership.
After reaching Executive, participating members must maintain the rank of Executive each month until Silver rank is achieved.

#1: Achieve Silver within six months of reaching Executive

Any existing Executive who earned that rank for the first time on or since July 2015 to December 2016 will have 6 months to achieve the rank of Silver. For example, if the first Executive month is July 2015, the member must reach Silver January 31, 2016 to qualify.

First-time Executives from January 2015 and onwards who achieve the rank of Silver within 6 months of becoming Executive will also qualify.

#2: Develop two new Silver legs within six months

New Silver legs must be within your first level.

The two new Silver legs must be developed strictly within six months during the qualification period of January 2015 to December, 2016.