Rank Advancements

July 2017
Each month Young Living Corporate & Members continue to grow and expand our influence. It is because of our Members’ efforts and willingness to share this gift with the world that we are changing so many lives. Let’s celebrate the success of our Members.

*Rank Advancements are listed for one month only. Current Rank Advancements are posted by the end of the month following the close of that commission period on the 20th following the month of advancement.

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Crown Diamond

100 PV | 750,000 OGV | 1,000 PGV | 6 LEGS of 20,000 Each
Annie & Chris Hauser (Usa)


100 PV | 250,000 OGV |1,000 PGV | 5 LEGS of 15,000 OGV Each

April & Charles Mier (Usa)

Megan & Thomas Burns (Usa)


100 PV |100,000 OGV | 1,000 PGV | 4 LEGS of 8,000 OGV Each

Anja Freese (Deu)

Karlie Aleksandra Holtby (Can)

Kerri Birkley (Usa)

Lisa Gunawan (Sgp)


100 PV | 35,000 OGV | 1,000 PGV | 3 Legs of 6,000 OGV Each

Amanda Giles (Usa)

Angie Ochoa (Usa)

Carmen Alicia Borboa (Mex)

Chin Aik Lee (Mys)

Dana Schorr (Usa)

Devina Devina (Idn)

Donna & Gus Jackson (Can)

Hillary Ha (Usa)

Jennifer Poletti (Usa)

Jodi Wilson (Usa)

Julie Callis (Usa)

Kelly Cuce (Usa)

Kenzie And Branham Lovingood (Usa)

Lacee Sanchez (Usa)

Laura Mckee (Usa)

Lilien And/Or Andy Tong (Can)

Lindsey Beals (Usa)

Maria (Aus)

Melissa Goble (Usa)

Regina Guevarra (Usa)

Robert Fannon (Sgp)

Roxy Beliel (Usa)

Terri Escobedo (Usa)

Terry Mudryk (Can)

Sina Wedel (Deu)


100 PV | 10,000 OGV | 1,000 PGV | 2 Legs of 4,000 OGV Each


100 PV | 4,000 OGV | 2 Legs of 1,000 OGV Each

Senior Star

100 PV | 2,000 OGV


100 PV | 500 OGV