Christmas Promotion

Promotional Period: 13th October 2017 - 4th January 2018
No matter whether you’re celebrating old traditions, starting new ones, or just looking for a simple something to show you care, you’ll find the perfect gift in our 2017 Christmas Catalogue.
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Christmas Tree Scent Bundle
Get into the Spirit of Christmas!
Capture the scent of the season with this festive blend! Add Christmas Spirit™ to the unscented rattan sticks and stash them in your tree or wreath to enjoy its warm, spicy and sweet aroma - perfect for inspiring feelings of joy and happiness this holiday season!
This bundle includes:
20 x unscented rattan sticks
1 x Christmas Spirit™15 ml essential oil
Code: 23086
Whsl: $48.95
Rtl: $64.35
PV: 21.5
The Christmas Tree Scent Bundle is out of stock
DIY Reed Diffuser Set
Fill your home with the familiar and cheerful scent of Joy™.
Our elegantly designed DIY reed diffuser will effortlessly infuse your house with the uplifting blend of Joy™ essential oil! Enjoy a heavenly-scented room with this perfect fragrance solution.*
This set includes:
1 x Young Living reed diffuser bottle
6 x unscented diffuser reeds
1 x Joy™ 5 ml essential oil
1 x Gift Box
* Instructions included on the back of box
Code: 23073
Whsl: $57.85
Rtl: $76.10
PV: 16.20
Savoury Delights Cooking Set
Spice up your dinner table!
This set comes with a free YL Essential Lifestyle Cookbook and an exclusive Christmas recipe from Young Living culinary oils Brand Ambassador, Chef Kate. Plus, receive five culinary essential oils and a Rivsalt Taste Jr, featuring five individual gemstone like salt rocks, each with its own distinctive taste, sourced from around the world.
This set includes:
5 x 5 ml essential oils (Basil, Black Pepper, Oregano,Peppermint, Thyme)
1 x Rivsalt Taste Jr
1 x FREE YL Cookbook
1 x FREE Christmas recipe card by Chef Kate
Code: 23084
Whsl: $127.25
Rtl: $167.45
PV: 65.50
Sweet Treats Cooking Set
Whip up some festive favourites!
Containing five essential oils, a free YL Essential Lifestyle Cookbook and a Christmas recipe card from Chef Kate, you’ll be tantalising taste buds all season long. Lastly, complete your look in the kitchen with a beautiful Young Living apron, featuring seven perfectly-sized pockets to hold your culinary essential oils.
This set includes:
5 x 5 ml essential oils (Cinnamon Bark, Lavender,Lemon, Orange, Nutmeg)
1 x Young Living apron (purple)
1 x FREE YL Cookbook
1 x FREE Christmas recipe card by Chef Kate
Code: 23074
Whsl: $115.35
Rtl: $151.75
PV: 61
Lip Balm Trio
Keep lips soft & smooth with our popular Lip Balm Trio.
This set of three essential oil-infused lip balms comes in a gorgeous gift box, making this the perfect stocking stuffer, teacher present or Secret Santa surprise.
This trio includes:
1 x Cinnamint™ Lip Balm
1 x Grapefruit Lip Balm
1 x Lavender Lip Balm
1 x Gift box
Code: 23081
Whsl: $19.65
Rtl: $25.85
PV: 12
The Lip Balm Trio is out of stock
Everyday Oils Trio
Share the love, one drop at a time!
Bringing together three of our most popular singles, the Everyday Oils Trio is a gift sure to be appreciated by essential oil users. This trio is also a great way to share essential oils with friends and family this holiday season. Plus, receive five free mini diffuser bottles.
This trio includes:
3 x 5 ml essential oils (Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint)
5 x FREE mini diffuser bottles*
1 x Gift box
*Mini diffuser bottle designs will vary. Bottles hold 2 ml of essential oil.
Code: 23089
Whsl: $44.70
Rtl: $58.80
PV: 25.20
The Everyday Oils Trio is out of stock
Lava Bead Diffusing Bracelet Duo
Diffuse with elegance...
This elegant lava bead bracelet is sure to catch people’s eyes at holiday parties or New Year’s celebrations. Simply add the unique blend of Awaken™essential oil, to the beads to gently diffuse the fragrance.
This duo includes:
1 x Lava Bead Diffusing Bracelet*
1 x Awaken™ 5 ml essential oil
*Bracelet size is 7 cm in diameter. Not adjustable. Only available in one size.
Code: 23079
Whsl: $53.00
Rtl: $69.75
PV: 18.45
The Lava Bead Diffusing Bracelet Duo is out of stock
Snowflake Diffusing Bracelet Duo
Perfect for your little princess!
Whether in school or at home, she will be diffusing essential oils in style! Paired with the sweet, refreshing scent of Orange essential oil, this beautiful bracelet will surround your little one with a sense of peace,harmony and creativity.
This duo includes:
1 x Snowflake Diffusing Bracelet*
1 x Orange 5 ml essential oil
*Bracelet can be adjusted to size. Instructions included on packaging. Available in blue only.
Code: 23087
Whsl: $43.95
Rtl: $57.85
PV: 5.4
Essence of the Season Gift Set
A time to reflect...
Continue an enduring holiday tradition with the precious, spiritually uplifting aromas of Christmas Spirit™, Frankincense and Myrrh. Plus, receive free wooden star and angel hanging decorations to adorn your Christmas tree!
This set includes:
3 x 5 ml essential oils (Christmas Spirit™, Frankincense, Myrrh)
2 x gum resins (Frankincense, Myrrh)
1 x FREE wooden angel decoration
1 x FREE wooden star decoration
Code: 23076
Whsl: $130.60
Rtl: $171.85
PV: 79.75
Oils of Ancient Scripture Collection
Savour and enjoy these beautiful aromas
Discover the modern benefits of these 10 precious essential oils in your own home. Purchase this collection and you’ll also receive a free LED angel figurine to light up your living space.
This collection includes:
10 x 5 ml essential oils (Aloes (Sandalwood), Cassia,Cedarwood, Cypress, Frankincense, Hyssop, Myrrh,Myrtle, Onycha, Rose of Sharon (Cistus))
1 x FREE LED angel figurine*
Code: 23082
Whsl: $310.40
Rtl: $408.40
PV: 179.78
The Oils of Ancient Scripture Collection is out of stock
*Please note the LED angel figurine design may differ from the image.
Holiday Must - Haves Kit
Enjoy the holidays hassle-free!
This kit includes all your favourite Young Living travel companions and a free YL luggage tag. Plus, keep yourself hydrated with the YL Shaker Bottle when out on your next adventure!
This kit includes:
1 x Tranquil™ 10 ml essential oil roll-on
1 x Thieves®Waterless Hand Purifier 29.5 ml
1 x Lavaderm™Cooling Mist 59 ml
1 x Young Living Shaker Bottle
1 x FREE Young Living luggage tag
Code: 23077
Whsl: $85.95
Rtl: $113.10
PV: 42.75
On-The-Road Essential Oils
Make your trip smooth and comfortable
Gathering together with loved ones this holiday season may mean a little extra travel during these busy months.Add a few drops of Stress Away™ or En-R-Gee™ to a ceramic rose diffuser to keep the vibe in the car positive. When you arrive at your destination, diffuse Peace & Calming II™ as part of a relaxing bedtime ritual for the whole family.
This collection includes:
3 x 5 ml essential oils (En-R-Gee™, Peace & Calming II™, Stress Away™)
6 x FREE ceramic rose diffusers
1 x Gift box
Code: 23083
Whsl: $72.60
Rtl: $95.50
PV: 44.25
The On-The-Road Essential Oilsis out of stock
Lavender Pamper Pack
Treat yourself ...
Take a break from holiday preparations with the Lavender Pamper Pack. Lean your head back on the bath pillow and breathe in the calming floral scent of Lavender Bath & Shower Gel. Afterwards, treat your skin to the moisturising and hydrating benefits of Lavender Hand & Body Lotion.
This pack includes:
1 x Lavender Bath & Shower Gel
1 x Lavender Hand & Body Lotion
1 x Young Living bath pillow
Code: 23080
Whsl: $75.55
Rtl: $99.40
PV: 35.33
Shutran Grooming Kit
Pamper your papa!
Shutran™ Shave Cream delivers an incredibly close, smooth shave whilst also hydrating skin. This kit also features a Young Living men’s razor* to help achieve the perfect shave without razor drag, nicks and skips.
This kit includes:
1 x Shutran Shave Cream
1 x Young Living men’srazor*
*Razor blade can be replaced with any Gillette Mach3 Blades.
Code: 23085
Whsl: $51.70
Rtl: $68.00
PV: 17.78
The Shutran Grooming Kitis out of stock
Animal Care Collection
This collection comes with a beautiful paw design locket that gently diffuses the calming scent of Lavender for your pet. Simply place a few drops of Lavender^ on the locket and attach it onto a collar. Plus, keep your pet’s coat clean and beautiful with our Animal Scents® Shampoo.
This collection includes:
1 x Animal Scents® Shampoo
1 x Lavender 5 ml essential oil
1 x Pet diffuser locket
^CAUTION: If your pet is unaccustomed to essential oils, first diffuse it in their space, or apply to your hands and let them smell it.Only use diffusing locket on dogs or cats over the age of 10 weeks.Adjust the quantity of Lavender essential oil depending on the size of your pet, starting with 3 drops and dilute with V-6™ if required.
Code: 23072
Whsl: $69.30
Rtl: $91.20
PV: 17.35
KidScents Collection
Make a splash!
Why not teach your kids how to fly a kite? Summer activities offer many opportunities for kids to get messy, so make bath time enticing. Wash away the remains of sticky treats, dirt, grass and sand with our safe and gentle KidScents® line.
This collection includes:
1 x KidScents® Bath Gel
1 x KidScents® Shampoo
1 x KidScents® Lotion^
2 x FREE mini kites*
*Design of kites will vary depending on stock. ^KidScents® Lotion is currently transitioning to new packaging.
Code: 23078
Whsl: $75.50
Rtl: $99.35
PV: 48.15
Dino Land Diffuser Collection
Jurassic Jingle!
Our Dino Land™ Ultrasonic Diffuser is a great way for children to benefit from essential oils whilst exploring a Jurassic utopia. Colour-illuminated vapour ‘erupts’ from the volcano,which also doubles as a night light. This collection also includes three toy dinosaurs for your little guy to enjoy.
This collection includes:
1 x Dino Land™ Ultrasonic Diffuser
3 x FREE dinosaur toys (chosen at random)
Code: 19355
Whsl: $142.65
Rtl: $187.70
PV: 41.40
Dolphin Reef Diffuser Collection
Under the sea...
Captivate your daughter’s imagination by transporting her to an oceanic wonderland. The versatile diffuser acts as an all-in-one atomiser, aroma diffuser and night light. Plus, help your little one to relax and enjoy the benefits of diffusing essential oils with a comfy mermaid blanket!
This collection includes:
1 x Dolphin Reef™ Ultrasonic Diffuser
1 x FREE mermaid blanket
Code: 19356
Whsl: $153.00
Rtl: $201.30
PV: 42.75
Young Living Australia wishes you & your family a Safe and Merry Christmas and a prosperous and abundant New Year!

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