The Young Living 5x5 Pledge

Nominate a 5×5 Pledge champion!

Young Living’s 5×5 Pledge shows our ongoing commitment to sharing Young Living in even more impactful ways. It isn’t simply a corporate mission—it’s the key to success for our members. That’s why Young Living is looking for five members who truly capture what it means to live each one of our 5×5 Pledge goals. We’re looking for members who are going green, serving others, sharing YL, being an advocate for Seed to Seal® and our farms, and expanding their team globally. These five members will be recognised at the 2020 International Grand Convention.
Fill out this survey to nominate the best of the best of our 5×5 leaders, so we can recognise them at the convention for their exceptional work.

Nomination guidelines

The selection committee may consider but is not limited to the following factors for each award:
Empower award nominee (Spirit of Service):
Someone who impacts the lives of others outside of their families or Young Living teams
Someone who sacrifices time and money and gives freely of their talents to underserved communities
Someone who works to make an impact locally, nationally, or globally
Achieve award nominee:
Someone who lives and advocates for a zero-waste lifestyle
Someone who creatively merges the YL lifestyle with a zero-waste lifestyle
Someone who lives as a steward of the earth
Reach award nominee:
Someone who shares YL beyond what is normal and expected
Someone who reaches out to new YL users in creative, unexpected ways
Someone who goes above and beyond to share YL in all parts of the globe
Develop award nominee:
Someone who is dedicated to supporting YL farms
Someone who emphasizes the Seed to Seal® quality commitment as they train others
Someone who regularly attends harvest activities
Someone who has facilitated a partner farm relationship
Open award nominee:
Someone who is focused on building in newly opened markets
Someone who is focused on building in soon-to-be-open markets
Someone who builds bridges and crosses barriers to share Young Living
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Young Living didn’t just pioneer the modern-day essential oils movement—we’ve led the industry for 25 years; and we’re not done yet. As we approach our quarter-century anniversary, we continue to focus on bold, world-changing goals. In that pioneering spirit, we’re embarking on an unprecedented program: the 5x5 Pledge.

The 5x5 Pledge will not only redefine our role as industry leaders, but it will also elevate Young Living’s positive impact on the earth, on communities, and on families around the world.

Over the next five years, beginning in 2019, Young Living pledges to expand the vision of our founder, D. Gary Young, in these five interconnected ways:
Five times more people empowered by The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation
The Foundation currently changes thousands of lives every year by empowering the underserved, including rescuing women and children from human trafficking and providing families with tools to prevent malaria. We believe in uplifting people; so in the next five years, we pledge to quintuple the number of lives changed by the Foundation.
Five years to zero waste
We are humbled by our responsibility and visibility as an industry green leader, and we take our stewardship of the planet seriously. Our commitment is evidenced in the Standards pillar of Seed to Seal®, as well as the Green Globe and LEED specifications we will be following at our new Global Headquarters. In the next five years, we will take our global operations to zero waste status, and we will strive to offset our carbon footprint through our vast network of partner and corporate farms.
Five or more corporate-owned or partner farms developed each year
We are passionate about collaborating with nature to bring our members the purest products on Earth. Our farms are the heart of our Seed to Seal commitment, and they will forever be part of our DNA. They help us create a more stable and controlled supply chain, allow us to stay on the forefront of essential oil research, and empower our members with the knowledge of where their oils originate. Each year for the next five years, we will develop five or more of these beautiful corporate-owned and partner farms.
Five or more new markets opened each year
With every new market Young Living opens, we open doors of wellness and empowerment to new members in that market and to talented new employees who are passionate about making a positive impact. Because our mission is to allow more people than ever to experience whole-life wellness through becoming a part of the Young Living family, we will open at least five new markets each year over the next five years.
Five million additional households reached in five years
As we expand our positive impact through philanthropy, green initiatives, new farms, and new markets, our reach will also increase. Gary Young dedicated his life to bringing essential oils to every home in the world. Because we are committed to dramatically furthering that vision, we pledge to reach 5 million more households within five years.