20th Anniversary Celebration - Update

Ticket Transfer, Parking & Weather Update

Important event information to note

We're all set to welcome you to our 20th Anniversary Celebration this weekend! Please note that we need confirmation on any ticket transfers done after 31st January deadline, plus a guide to parking at the event and weather update.

Ticket Transfers

Members who purchased tickets to the event but unable to make it to the event had the opportunity to transfer their tickets to someone else by 31st January. Any tickets passed on to others after this date will require ticket holders to produce additional information in order to attend the event and purchase products. Our secure ticketing system will only detect member number registered via our booking system and our Product Ordering Kiosks have been pre-programmed with attendee member numbers. Exceptions will only be made to those with valid reasoning by the below deadline.
If you have passed on your ticket to someone else after the 31st January, please ensure the following:
A confirmation email from the ticket registrant/purchaser requesting a transfer be made to the new attendee and particular circumstance for this. Emails need to be sent to mbryant@youngliving.com.au by 12 noon, Wednesday 20th February, AEDT. Email needs to include the NEW Member Name, Member ID, Member email address. Without all these details then new ticket holder WILL NOT be able to register or purchase product at the event.
Ticket holders will also need to show proof of transfer from original ticket registrant, in the form of an email when registering at the event. Attendees may produce a printed copy of the email, or display on their phone.

Event Parking

Since this is a sold-out event with 900 attendees, there is limited car park space in front of the Conference Centre. If you are not actually staying at Sea World Resort hotel, please park in the Sea World Theme Park carpark close by. There will be a shuttle bus operating from Sea World Theme Park and Sea World Resort.
The shuttle will operate at the following times:
Friday 22nd February: 3.00pm – 7.00pm
Saturday 23rd February: 7.00am – 9.30am and 6.30pm – 9.00pm
Sunday 24th February: 7.00am – 9.00am and 2.30pm – 4.00pm
Guests are to wait at the bus stop just to the right of the Sea World Theme Park entrance for pick up (see the star marked on the Sea World Theme Park car park snapshot below).
Map showing location of Sea World Theme Park & Sea World Resort:
Sea World Theme Park car park:
Guests leaving the Conference back to their car should meet in the Lobby entrance of the hotel. The vehicle will have a Sea World Resort sign in the window.
If you need to get back to your vehicle outside these times, you will need to go to Concierge to request to be taken to your car.

Weather warning!

The weather seems to have taken a turn as Southeast Queensland is bracing for more wild weather with a tropical storm passing through the Pacific. Latest weather reports state that there's a possiblity of Cyclone Oma reaching the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast in the coming days, bringing strong winds, rain and high waves!

Although this isn't going to stop us celebrating our biggest event of the year, please plan for extra travel time and make sure to pack an umbrella for the weekend. If you are flying, please pack a retractable umbrella (some airlines may not allow large umbrellas to be carried onto the plane). Sea World Resort and Conference Centre will also have umbrellas we can use, however availability for all isn't guaranteed.

Fingers crossed, the weather update is better towards the end of the week! We appreciate you taking extra precautions and check the weather closer to the date.

We wish you safe travels and look forward to seeing you at our 20th Anniversary Celebration!