Envision Your Future Australian Symposium

6th and 7th May, 2017
The Star Gold Coast

The Envision Your Future Australian Symposium will not only be your opportunity to take advantage of the most inspiring educational experiences with multiple Diamond, Crown Diamond & Royal Crown Diamond International Speakers, Young Living has to offer. You will also be embraced by a like-minded community of individuals dedicated to improving lives through the power of Young Living.

This Symposium is your exclusive opportunity to receive information that will inspire, motivate, and transform you!

Become immersed in the community of Young Living, and empower yourself to achieve the wellness, purpose and the abundance you have always dreamed of.

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Includes two day Symposium Convention (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided).

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Date:Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th May, 2017

The Star Gold Coast

Gold Coast Highway

Broadbeach Island

Gold Coast Qld 4218
Room:Gold Coast and Southport Rooms
Time:Saturday: Registration starts at 8:00am for a 9:30am start and 6:00pm conclusion
Sunday: Event starts at 9:30am and finishes at 4:00pm.

Product Expo

Date:Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th May, 2017

The Star Gold Coast

Gold Coast Highway

Broadbeach Island

Gold Coast Qld 4218

Symposium Kids Club

Cost: Pre-bookings made online: $20 per day per child. Bookings on the day: $30 per child per day


- Nutritious meals (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea) and drinks (water and juice)

- Licensed and qualified childcare workers

- Nappy changing service and nap time for younger children

- Full day of fun activities including:

- Young Living Make and Take

- Art and craft activities

- Playstation/X Box

- Outdoor activities for older kids

- Playdough, colouring, stickers, toys and games

- Puppet making

- Movies

Days/Hours: Saturday 8:00am – 7:00pm and Sunday 8:00am – 4.30pm

Ages: We welcome all children between the ages of 2 and 15 years old

Register Now: Click here to register for Kids Club!

Other Information:- If you have any questions, please contact events@youngliving.com.au

Symposium Speakers

Linda Lee Smith
Topic: Peeping Beneath the Chemistry of Essential Oils
In this workshop you will learn:
How the earth’s vibration influences the vibrational frequencies of our own bodies.
The growing body of evidence that we are speeding up toward a shift in energy and awareness.
The growing body of evidence that we are speeding up toward a shift in energy and awareness.
How the frequency of oils aid the body in coming into harmonic resonance.
How intention, hands-on healing and essential oils are a combination that can aid total healing in body, mind and spirit.
About Linda Lee Smith

Linda is a nurse, educator, author, consultant, and is known internationally for her creation and development of the Clinical Aromatherapy Certification Program under ISHA (Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy, Inc.). Her background is in holistic healing and education for well over 25 years. Before that she was a healthcare administrator, nursing educator, and critical care nurse.

Linda next created the Clinical Aromatherapy Certification program taught throughout North America and Australia. To support this work, she has written numerous books and eBooks on various topics on essential oils (see her website for a complete listing or go to amazon).

She is board certified in holistic nursing and holds certifications in Healing Touch, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry and in Clinical Aromatherapy.

No longer tied to administration, she devotes her time to consulting, coaching, writing, and conducting teleseminars.

Nicki Keohohou
Topic: Leadership & Creating Sustainable Success
Workshop day 1: Being a Leader of Leaders
The difference between an accidental leader and a purposeful leader
The six key pillars of leadership: Visionary planning, Creating community, Team building, Training, Business management, Coaching
Workshop day 2: Creating Sustainable Success
How to create the business and life you desire
The importance of focusing on the IPAs (Income Producing Activities)
The steps to communicating with impact
The power of your thoughts and how they effect your results
How to support your team in living their “emotional why”
How to show pride in your profession
About Nicki Keohohou:

Nicki began her career as a distributor in the direct selling profession more than 35 years ago after leaving her teaching position. She built successful personal organisations, has spoken to direct sellers at conventions around the world, consulted to hundreds of companies, and held executive positions in direct selling companies. In addition to her BA in education and business, Nicki is a graduate of the University of Illinois Chicago Network Marketing Certification Program. She is a Certified Business Coach (CBC) with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches and is a faculty member of the DSWA Coach Excellence® School.

She was recently named one of the Top 25 Business Women in her home state of Hawaii as well as one of the Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs in America. She was selected as an international “Hero for Humanity” and named in the top 5 of the International Power 30 honoring the 30 Most Influential Women in the direct selling profession. The award that brings her the most joy is the DSWA being recognised as the National Advocate of the Year for Working Mothers. Nicki is the CEO of the Direct Selling World Alliance and her life work is to educate and empower home-based entrepreneurs from around the globe and inform the public about this amazing profession.

Dr Louise Mahler
Topic: Leadership, Body Language & Effective Presentation
Dr Louise Mahler is a dynamic leadership influencer. As a motivator, challenger, disrupter, teacher and innovator many say she is one of the most exciting female speakers on the global stage today.
Her entertaining, interactive and highly practical methods revolutionise the way business leaders influence. What sets her apart is her winning mix of body language, vocal intelligence and mental patterning to coach executives to deal with difficult, and often hostile, daily scenarios such as stressful boardroom confrontations, media interviews and staff interaction.
People leave her sessions energised and transformed. Louise brings together the worlds of business and opera in a pioneering combination – a former opera singer with the Vienna State Opera, highly qualified in music, she changed tack to become a business heavy weight with a PhD in business, Bachelor of Economics, Master of Applied Management in Service Management and Innovation, and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Her achievements showcase a litany of success from her academic work including her PhD (awarded two outstanding recommendations), her University's business award for innovation, as well as her professional work as the author of Resonate (Penguin).
She is a highly sought-after media commentator on leadership, body language and effective presentation with regular appearances on TV, radio and print. She has a series of videos on the Australian Financial Review website and she has a global social media following.
Robyn Moore
Topic: Creating A Life You Love
Robyn's presentations are designed to:
Re-ENGAGE you with your whole LIFE! Your Vocation/Job, Business, Purpose, Family, Relationships, Community…YOU!
Re-ALIGN you with your Vision, Values and Goals.
Re-INVENT attitudes and behaviours and access personal responsibility and self-determination. The bi-products are Leadership, Integrity and Authenticity.
Re-GENERATE Passion, Energy, Productivity, Laughter and Work/Home balance.
Re-MIND you about what "really mattered before the circumstances changed everything!" You’ll get to experience Possibility, Optimism and Satisfaction again…and the desire to pass this onto your team, customers and your families.
Re-STORE confidence, hope and resilience in the face of challenge.

Young Living members inspire people to access their WELLNESS, ABUNDANCE and LIFELONG TRANSFORMATION. Direct selling can be both challenging and deeply rewarding and satisfying. In times of great change, how do you achieve mastery over the challenges and receive more rewards and satisfaction?

Robyn Moore’s highly entertaining,inspiring and thought-provoking keynote presentation is designed to“shakeup”your perception about communication and your power to create a life you love at work and at home. This keynote also sets the scene for a“life-altering”inquiry in to re-discovering all the things that matter in LIFE: passion, values, innovation, laughter, potential, and resilience. This “not to be missed” session will reveal new possibilities in other are as such as leadership, excellence, team building, personal growth, family and relationships…so YOU can be responsible for your own WELLNESS, ABUNDANCE and LIFELONG TRANSFORMATION.

About Robyn Moore:
For 40 years, Robyn Moore has been changing peoples' perception through "the power of the word" as an educator, in advertising, syndicated radio comedy, animation series and is Australia’s most in-demand female speaker. . She is passionate about increasing access to human potential and opening pathways to 100% participation in life through “breakthrough” communication! She has a unique relationship with words and weaves together humour, powerful stories and “life-altering” distinctions to create an experiential presentation which will create greater access to “well-being”, resilience, passion, service, leadership, balance, results and satisfaction for participants…both professionally and personally.

Robyn is a National Patron of the Make-A-Wish Foundation (the 2016 “International Make-A-Wish Volunteer of the Year”), an Ambassador for the Australia Day Council, the Australian Childhood Foundation and Dragons Abreast Australia. Robyn’s presentations are never “ordinary”…they are consistently described as “EXTRAORDINARY”.
Danette Goodyear
Topic: How To Be Active At Any Age
Young Living Crown Diamond and active living expert, Danette Goodyear, will be speaking on How to Be Active at Any Age. She will be covering:
Tips for creating and enjoying a more active life and why it’s worth the effort.
Strategies for maintaining a pain free body by supporting joint health.
The importance of a daily supplement regime and how to share that with others.
The short and long term benefits of BLM, OmegaGize and Cool Azul Sports Gel and why you should add them to your daily protocol.
About Danette Goodyear:
Danette joined Young Living 14 years ago with no intentions of building a business. She soon discovered the YL commitment to purity and the overall effectiveness of the products. Her earliest goal was simply to get her oils paid for. Within 3 months of her enrollment, she went to her first YL farm in France. While there, her time with Gary, working the land, and watching the Seed to Seal process unfold led to an unwavering commitment to our company and business model (and her first $101.40 commission check!). Through consistent sharing and dedication to only one network marketing company, she established herself as a loyal YL leader who taught the life-changing difference made by the YL products, lifestyle and income opportunity. Danette and Jim are so thankful to their AMAZING team members all over the world that are ambassadors for our YL wellness, purpose and abundance message.
Jim Goodyear
Topic: Prospecting & Leading using Personality Profiles
In this workshop you will learn:
Colors/DISC Personality Types
How to quickly assess personality types
How to prospect to the four personality types
How to build effect teams that utilise the strengths of each personality type
About Jim Goodyear:
Jim Goodyear has been a Young Living product user for 14 years. Jim has taught classes to help men understand the health benefits of all Young Living products. Jim believes fitness, athletics and a healthy lifestyle are an easy way to introduce men to the Young Living lifestyle.
Most recently, Jim completed a self-supported mountain bike race from Canada to Mexico traversing the Great Continental Divide and riding over 2700 miles. In preparation for this race Jim made himself the ultimate test case, leveraging all the Young Living products in preparation for the race as well as the difficult post-race recovery. After leaving corporate America and attending the 2014 Young Living Diamond retreat in France, Jim declared "Diamond is the lifestyle for me!"
Marcella Vonn Harting
Topic: The Psychology of Success
In this presentation you will learn:
How creating a residual abundant income centered in health and wealth can empower balance and purpose in one's life.
How to achieve one's divine purpose with grace, ease and fun.
Bringing it all together – Marcella will summarise the weekend’s proceedings so you go home empowered and ready for action!
About Marcella Vonn Harting:
Marcella Vonn Harting, PhD is an internationally recognized author, speaker, facilitator and entrepreneur. She combines nutrition, conscious communications, face and body language into her dynamic presentations to assist people in creating the life of their heart's desires and dreams.
Marcella is an inspirational mentor and coach in manifesting and teaching how to achieve one's divine purpose with grace and ease and fun. She demonstrates how creating a residual abundant income centered in health and wealth can empower balance and purpose in one's life.
Marcella Vonn has authored and co-authored several books including The Harting Training System book, Aromatic Essential Cards and The Women's Millionaire Club with Maureen G. Mulvaney, MGM.
Marcella Vonn Harting has achieved the rank of Royal Crown Diamond in Young Living Essential Oils. Married since 1980 and the mother of two children. Grandchildren of 2. She resides in Paradise Valley, AZ.
Amanda Uribe
Topic: Modern Mum - How to Find Nutrition in a “Fast Food World”
You will learn all about:
Whole living!
Our “Swiss cheese diet” and its missing blanks.
The impact of our modern lifestyle of living fast, getting everything fast, including fast food.
The challenge of taking care of your family and feeding your children in this modern world.
How Ningxia Red can support your goals of whole living!
About Amanda Uribe:

Amanda is a military wife, homeschool teacher of two amazing children and author of the Young Living mentorship book, Grow; Seeds of Wisdom for Budding Leaders. The Uribe’s have travelled and experienced cultures across Europe, Asia and the Pacific, and currently live near the Highland Flats Farm in Idaho.

As a lifelong learner, Amanda is constantly researching the best ways to take care of her family and raise her kids. “My children are the greatest influencers God could have gifted to a young mom,” she says. “They complete me and have shaped me into the person I am today.”

Whether for her children or their Young Living team, Amanda loves to be a cheerleader for others and celebrate their successes “with grand flair.” Driven by a desire to “see families lead healthier lives,” she chooses to embrace any obstacle as an opportunity for growth. “In the end we won’t regret that which we failed, but that which we feared,” she says. “Nothing should be so feared except a life not lived.”

Cherie Ross & Sherry LaMarche
Topic: Essential Oils & Your Animal Family
Cherie Ross
Sherry LaMarche
Have you discovered how essential oils can benefit your pets? Cherie Ross and Sherry LaMarche have dedicated their lives to teaching the benefits of essential oils for people & animals. Learn how the power of essential oils can be used on animals so that you can share the benefits and experience the joy of Young Living with your pets!
About Cherie Ross:
Cherie Ross is a Young Living Royal Crown Diamond and has been teaching about the wonderful & safe uses of essential oils with animals since 1999. Speaking & presenting to Veterinarians & animal lovers. Cherie is currently working with patients in hospitals and clinics & teaching the benefits of essential oils worldwide for people & animals. She is an Animal Communicator, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, author & product developer.
About Sherry LaMarche:
Sherry LaMarche C.C.A is a Young Living Diamond and has utilised essential oils and other frequency modalities for over 17 years, in rebuilding animals and their humans. She is also a Reiki Master, Canine Myotherapist, Equine Massage Therapist and Japanese Acupuncturist.
Vivian Wan
Topic: The Secrets to My Online Success
What you will learn:
What worked and didn’t work when it comes to social media, to get Vivian to Royal Crown Diamond in 21 months.
How she managed to stay focused to get results and avoid the temptation of internet distractions we can so easily get lost in!
The social media platforms (eg Facebook page/group, blog, chat groups etc) she used to build her team.
Targeted online actions specific for each rank you are aiming for.
About Vivian Wan:

After joining the Young Living family in late February 2014, Vivian Wan became the fastest growing Asian Royal Crown Diamond leader in history. She was able to reach Young Living’s top leadership level within 21 months—an incredible pace!

Although Vivian had no direct selling experience before, she quickly found her WHY and passion in developing leaders in Young Living. In Oct 2014, she established Kaleidodrops, a team in Young Living which she sees as important as her own family and she is willing to help them 200%. Shortly after she made it to RCD, her husband Alan joined her to develop Young Living business together. Right now, they are actively building teams in Hong Kong & Taiwan.

Throughout the past year, Vivian has been traveling around to help Young Living to speak in different countries. She enjoys sharing team building experiences and she sees it as her lifelong career.

Donne Cuzzola
Topic: Beauty Essentials
Discover how the incredible benefits our beauty products infused with essential oils, can easily and effortlessly be incorporated into everyone lives on a daily basis, be added to your beauty routine, and discover the incredible benefits of our beauty products.
About Donne Cuzzola:

Donne Cuzzola is a beauty and skincare expert with 25 years experience teaching across the globe, 16 of those years in the direct selling industry, both as a distributor and leader.

She has extensive knowledge on how to introduce products into people’s lives and homes. Her infectious, and uplifting teaching style brings lots of knowledge and practical learning, infused with positive energy into a fun learning environment. Donne can’t wait to "get this party started"

Men's Health Panel

As a woman, it’s not always easy to talk to the men in our lives about how Young Living essential oils can benefit them and how they too can share our wonderful oils with other men.

The Symposium 2017 Men’s Health Panel is designed to help you develop the skills you need to share Young Living with men, in a way that addresses the specific needs of males, including using essential oils for grooming, what oils for what ages, the top oily tips for men, Young Living dietary supplements for men and how to make essential oils 'acceptable' - and even desirable - in the workplace plus lots more!

What better way to learn about essential oils for men, than hearing directly from three of Young Living’s leading men! Our men’s health panelists include Scott Schuler (Royal Crown Diamond), Chip Kouwe (Crown Diamond), and Jay Carter (Diamond).

Scott Schuler, Young Living Royal Crown Diamond

Like many others in this business, Scott's wife Brenda was the first one to see the value in essential oils and the business opportunity. Brenda joined Young Living in 1999 and shared with friends, not because there was a financial opportunity, but because she had something she thought could help people.

It wasn’t until 2008, and a financial crisis in their household, they made the decision to start taking the business seriously. In 2010, Brenda’s hard work had paid off, and she was able to retire Scott from Chiropractic. Combining their talents and efforts they continued to build, becoming the 5th Royal Crown Diamonds in Young Living.

Together their mission today is to “Challenge & Inspire others through Teamwork and Resourcefulness, while being good Teachers and even better Students. Striving to demonstrate Simplicity, Transparency and Excellence in all that they do and say.”

Chip Kouwe, Young Living Crown Diamond

Chip has been married to his wife Kathy for 26 yrs. They have two boys Jared 24 & Tristin 21 and have been Young Living distributors and product users for 20 yrs.

Chip graduated from State University of New York at Morrisville with a degree in Horticulture in 1985. He has harvested & distilled Lavender, Melissa, Balsam Fir, Blue Spruce & Juniper at Young Livings Farms in Mona Utah, St. Maries & Highland flats Idaho.

He Participated in the building of the Northern Lights farm in Ft. Nelson British Columbia. He enjoys all things outdoors, his family, reading, traveling & learning.

Jay Carter, Young Living Diamond

Jay was first introduced to Young Living in 1999 by his wife MaryStarr. Jay has worked in the Corporate world and has owned and operated a number of businesses.

In his late 40’s Jay found himself completely exhausted, 50lbs overweight and heading towards a health crisis. He woke up to the fact that he was working himself to death and with the help of Young Living he began to focus on his health and wellness. Inspired by the World Record Holder and Young Living Ambassador the Iron Cowboy James Lawrence, he went from a sedentary no exercise life to completing a ½ Marathon, 60 mile Bike tours, and even a sprint Triathalon.

He credits Young Living products as a major tool in his transformation. Although his journey to wellness has had it’s ups and downs he continues to use his Young Living products everyday working towards even better health and fitness.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to hear our Men’s Health panel at Symposium, bring your man along so that he too can be inspired by the beauty of essential oils and discover how he can share them with his mates!
Joanne Kan
Topic: Healthy Children with Good Concentration
About Joanne Kan:

Joanne is Young Living's first Asian born Royal Crown Diamond. She played an important role in breaking into the Hong Kong & Taiwanese market. Through passionately sharing, and expanding her network, she brought Young Living to the worldwide Chinese community.

Joanne joined Young Living in 2011. She received her first cheque not knowing where the money came from. All she wanted to do was to help mothers and their children gain better health and happiness, and steer clear of synthetic chemicals through using Young Living. Since meeting our founder Gary Young in October 2011, she has since trained with him over 20 times, of which 10 times were at our farms spanned across the globe, including many week-long winter harvests. She is passionate & knowledgeable about Young Living products. Her wish is to bring into every home the high-quality lifestyle of wellness and abundance that Young Living has brought to her. Through her leadership of love and compassion, Hong Kong has become the fastest growing international market for the company!

Joanne lives in Hong Kong with her 2 daughters and husband Eric, who's also her business partner in Young Living.

Dr. Michael Buch
Topic: The Quality Of Our Oils & The Science Of Smell And Effect On Our Mood
About Dr. Michael Buch:

As Young Living’s first-ever Chief Science Officer, Dr. Buch’s work includes scientific research and development on new and established products, new applications and claims and product strategy and stewardship.

Dr. Buch brings with him more than 25 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. He earned a BA in chemistry from Franklin and Marshall College and MS and PhD degrees in analytical chemistry from the University of Delaware. Dr. Buch has led global organisations at some of the world’s leading companies, and his success has resulted in more than a dozen patents in the health care field, several books and a number of published articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. He is personally responsible for developing health care products with annual sales of nearly $3 billion, and his products have been marketed in more than 100 countries. Dr. Buch is also a member of several prestigious associations, including the Institute on Science for Global Policy and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Dr. Buch enjoys fresh and saltwater fishing and has a passion for photography. He loves the crisp, outdoorsy scent of Young Living’s R.C.™, and he often diffuses it during the winter months to add a fresh scent to the air.

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