June Webinars

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Young Living Australia & New Zealand Webinars this June

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Product Webinar - The Young Living Nutritionals
Date: Tuesday 12th June
Time: 7PM - 8PM (Sydney time)
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Speaker: Brenda Rogers
In this webinar Brenda will go through each nutritional product, eg Omegagize and NingXia Red and discuss their key features and how they compare to other products on the market.
Business Webinar - ‘Follow up is Fun’ Part 2
Date: Tuesday 26th June
Time: 7PM - 8PM (Sydney time)
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Speaker: Neena Love
In this webinar Neena would like to share:
How to engage with people so that they are eager for you to follow-up with them.
How to make follow-up flow smoothly in a conversation and appear completely natural.
Why following up with this method actually becomes an enjoyable process.
When to continue with follow-up.
When to stop a follow-up and why.
Personal beliefs that may be acting as road blocks to your success.
Attitudes to develop around the concept of follow-up.
What to do once your prospect has become a customer.
About Neena Love

Neena Love first came across Young Living Essential Oils thirteen years ago. After using them on clients and learning about them extensively for eighteen months, she realised that there was something VERY special about these oils and decided at that point to make a business out of it.

With no understanding of Network Marketing and it’s principles, she ran on pure enthusiasm, coupled with a desire to genuinely help people. She was the third person to achieve Platinum ranking in Australia going from Gold to Platinum in a short 11 months.

It was as a result of her success in Network Marketing that she realised what an absolutely awesome opportunity it is for anyone who is willing to put in the time. A business model that offers leverage, lifestyle and long term security like no other, she is now as passionate about the concept of Network Marketing as she is about Young Livings pure therapeutic grade essential oils and products.

Neena now enjoys a balanced, no worries kind of a lifestyle, that most only dream of and wants to help you do the same. She is looking forward to sharing the specifics of how she made follow up fun and rewarding. She feels understanding the mechanics of follow up is the cornerstone of a successful and long lasting business.

Please be aware that all webinar times are based on Sydney time. Dates are subject to change without notice.