February Webinars

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Young Living Australia Webinars this February

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7 Transformational Steps to a Healthier Body
This webinar will run twice; both sessions are identical. Please choose the time most suited for your schedule.
Session 1:
Date: Tuesday, 13th February
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (Sydney time)
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Session 2:
Date: Tuesday, 13th February
Time: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Sydney time)
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Speaker: Soraya Saraswati
When aiming for a healthier body it is wise to consider the role of our mental, emotional and spiritual health. After all we are complex beings and focusing on any one of these to the detriment of the other can tip our health out of balance.Let’s take a deeper look at how we can use our blessed oils and oils infused Young Living products to restore balance and experience a healthier body.
About Soraya Saraswati
Soraya Saraswati has spent the past 35 years in the complimentary health field as a yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher as well as spending 20 years working as a Naturopath. Soraya has been using Young Living Products for 17 years and has been a member since 2002. She is passionate about the importance of achieving holistic healthy balance.
Compensation Plan Made Simple (Part 1 of 2)
Date: Tuesday, 27th February
Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (Sydney Time)
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Speaker: Andrew Wild
You wouldn’t accept a job offer without knowing how much you were getting paid! Equally, you can’t grow a prosperous Young Living business without knowing how you’re going to get paid. Maximise your income by attending this upcoming 2-part webinar series. Your presenter Andrew Wild, Young Living Gold, will be sharing critical information you need to maximise the returns on your investment of time, money and effort.
Know your compensation plan so you can:
Work smarter and not harder
Get paid quicker and invest more in yourself and your business.
Gain the confidence you need to inspire new business builders to see the income potential
Understand how to focus your attention so you can rank advance quicker and help others rank advance quicker
Make friends with the compensation plan instead of ignoring it because it all seems too hard
About Andrew Wild
Andrew Wild has been a passionate Young Living oiler for 9 years. Andrew, together with his wife Sharon, are now full-time “oil-preneurs” who are passionate about sharing the Young Living lifestyle and opportunity. Having attended 10 Young Living Global and Australian conventions and visited 6 Young Living farms, Andrew empowers people by sharing his experience and his deep appreciation of Young Living’s purpose.
Please be aware that all webinar times are based on Sydney time. Dates are subject to change without notice.