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Aroma Morning Tea: Tuesday 9 July, 10:30am-12:30pm

Living in a high tox world can be tricky for everyone, especially parents.

Naomi will take you on a journey through becoming aware of general product choices and their impact on your families health, to the basics on essential oils and oil infused products, to finding the most suitable products for you and your family for general wellness, mood management and more! PLUS you will leave with your own 3 month family wellness plan, curated by you!
About Naomi
Naomi Dyer has had quite the journey to get to where she is today - after spending years as an IT corporate manager, trainer & also a professional singer, she had a complete life change and is now a passionate wellness educator, entrepreneur, international speaker, cancer survivor, daughter, mum, and wife. Having experienced 13 years with a child with various food and personal care product intolerances, Naomi knew she had to empower herself to find solutions for her family. This led to many years of research and trialling different natural options before finally settling on the one that has totally changed her family's life, Young Living. Along the way, Naomi discovered another way to empower people, encouraging them to design their own destiny using the network marketing business model, and so has also become passionate about being a role model of positivity in an industry that some people shy away from. In fact, one of her favourite pastimes is watching the sceptical become believers - and ultimately design their own destinies. When cancer took away her ability to sing professionally, she found Young Living, and through speaking about this amazing company says that ‘Young Living gave me my voice back’.

Spring Cleaning

with Nicole, Paula and Chelsey

Event Type: Workshop
Date & time: Sat Aug 17, 2019, 11AM-2PM
Cost: $35 pp
Topic summary: Are you searching for natural home cleaners that actual work? Do you want to create a healthy, happy and harmonious home? Would you like to clear out toxins from your living environment? At this workshop, Young Living leaders Paula, Chelsey and Nicole are going to share how to create a happy, healthy, harmonious home, including:
The impact of chemicals and toxins in the home and how it impacts health,
The importance of clearing toxins from the home,
Creating all natural products that smell delicious and are simple to make,
Make and takes of: All Purpose Cleaner, Dishwashing Liquid and Laundry Liquid (including recipe cards to go with),
Saving your health and money,
Using pure unadulterated essential oils to purify, uplift and relax the energy around you and your environment,
And creating a pet safe and child friendly home.
Get connected and uplifted while you invigorate your senses! We invite you to join us for an informative, inspiring, fun and entertaining day filled with goodie bags and treats.
About Paula Ann
Hi my name is Paula and i have been using Young Living products for just over a year now. I had been searching for essential oils that were chemical free and worked effectively. A friend invited me to a YL workshop back in May 2018. That is where my YL journey began. Shorty after i received my starter kit, and started using the oils daily, as each oil has a purpose. I started take my oils everywhere i went and sharing them with my family and friends. I then learnt about the YL Thieves Cleaning Products, and that was a life changer for my family and home. Since I started using the Thieves Cleaning Products, I actually enjoy doing dishes, washing laundry as well as cleaning the house without any of the irritations that i used to experience. Using YL essential oils has helped me in many ways, here are the different ways I use them daily. I put a drop of Frankincense or Copaiba on my crown chakra to keep me centred. Breath Again is my favourite companion for early mornings and long days. Valor helps me feel confident throughout the day. Stress Away I use to create a peaceful and a calm state of mind. I love to put a drop of Lavender on my chest and a drop of RC under my feet before i bed to relax and have a comfortable sleep. I wanted a better and cleaner way of life, and YL helped me achieve that. Young Living products, changing one home at a time.
About Nicole Yasmin
Hey! My name is Nicole! I have come a long way from figuring out what works and what doesn't when it came to my health. Over the years, I tried diets, detoxes, supplements, vitamins and incorporated them with exercising. It felt hopeless until I discovered a meditation technique called ThetaHealing that helped break this cycle. Through application of creating a holistic lifestyle (incorporating the mind, body and soul) I released more than 20kgs of weight, came to be with my soulmate and lead my mission. I inspire and empower women to connect to their truth and lead their life from their hearts. To bring out their greatest assets and abilities to live an inspired fulfilling vital life. I teach women 1:1, in workshops and ThetaHealing courses. At the start of 2018, I became a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils and proudly share and educate the benefits these bottles of miracles contain. They have assisted me and others with balancing emotions, increasing concentration and creating a healthy chemical free home. I am excited to share with you the benefits of Young Living and why they are the world leaders in Essential Oils.
About Chelsey Amber
Chelsey holds space for her clients to relax, connect, heal and grow through Theta Healing, 1:1 Yoga and Meditation Coaching and Holistic Counselling. A practitioner of meditation for over a decade, with a passion for the healing nature of holistic self-care, Chelsey has devoted her life to holistic health and wellbeing. Having personally overcome life-threatening allergies and experienced being a full-time carer during her Mother's battle with Pancreatic Cancer, Chelsey understands the importance of whole health and compassionate care for those dealing with health issues. Fulfilling her dharma by compassionately guiding clients out of their headspace and into their heartspace, in order for each client to tap into their own magic and thrive, Chelsey's calm and compassionate nature creates a safe space for clients to feel head, held and empowered to live healthy, happy lives.