Empower: A Raindrop Event Coming in May!

We are excited to announce the return of Raindrop Technique training to Australia!
In line with the United States, Young Living Australia will be offering introductory one-day training in Raindrop Technique in May. This training is designed to enable you to offer complimentary Raindrop to your family and friends and does not require prior qualifications in any type of massage therapy.
Please note: this training does not give you certification to offer Raindrop Technique for a fee.
Learn how to do Raindrop Technique for your family and friends!
Introduction to Raindrop Technique is a one-day training event where participants discover the unique blending of ancient healing traditions, energetic medicine, intuitive wisdom, and pure essential oils used in D. Gary Young’s original Raindrop Technique. This intensive one-day format and curriculum is aimed at those completely new to Raindrop Technique. It is the most up-to-date and compliant version of Raindrop Technique training and emphasises hands-on experience and application.
The benefits of learning Raindrop Technique in May are:
No massage qualifications required
No previous experience required
Be able to give family and friends a Young Living essential oil experience
Introduce people to the Young Living lifestyle
Get the latest, compliant version of the Raindrop Technique training
Add another tool in your Young Living business
A tax deductible expense for your business
Join expert facilitator Tamara Packer, to guide you through the Raindrop Technique.
About Tamara Packer:
Tamara Packer is a licensed massage therapist. She learned the Raindrop Technique personally from D. Gary Young and has taught Raindrop in countries all over the world.
The Raindrop Technique will be delivered on massage tables, we will be grouping 3 people together on 1 massage table at each event. The benefit of sharing a massage table with your fellow event attendees is that not only will you learn to perform the Raindrop Technique on others, you in turn will also receive the Raindrop Technique massage and can feel first-hand the ultimate benefits.

Purchasing Massage Tables Event

Do you want to perform Raindrop Technique in your own home on your family and friends? We are giving you the exclusive option to purchase your own massage table! We will be offering a special discounted rate on each massage table especially for the Raindrop attendees. This price will be additional to the price of the event ticket – make sure you select the appropriate option “Massage table Purchase” to buy the discounted massage table and use it on the day!

GET IN QUICK. We have limited numbers of portable massage tables that people can purchase. The massage table price not only includes the discounted table price, but also includes shipping and handling to the event venue.

Please note that purchasing a massage table is not mandatory to attend the Raindrop Technique workshop.

Registration Price

There are two ticket prices: $398 or $229 per event.
Ticket $398 includes:
1 Raindrop Technique kit* valued at wholesale $205.00. Please note: The 122.25 PV will be allocated directly to your account within 72hrs of your registration.
1-day practical Raindrop training with licensed massage therapist, Tamara Packer
Complimentary 5ml Essential Oil Blend
Certificate of attendance & completion
Light lunch
Specials on the day
The exclusive opportunity to buy a portable massage table
Every registrant will receive a tax deductible tax invoice for you to claim as a business expense
Ticket $229: Does not include a Raindrop Technique Kit (Attendee must bring own Raindrop Kit)

Event Schedule

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Already trained in Raindrop?

Join Tamara on the day for a Raindrop demonstration and Q&A session for experienced "Raindroppers". Brush up on your skills and learn the latest in Raindrop direct from Tamara Packer so that you can elevate your business to the next level through the power of Raindrop Technique.
In order to attend the Raindrop demonstration and Q&A session the attendee must have been previously trained by Young Living, a Young Living leader who is accredited or trained by Gary Young or Tamara Packer.