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Family Essentials

with Naomi Dyer

Cost: FREE!
Date & Time: Fri September 20, 7PM-8:30PM
Event type: Workshop
Topic Summary: Are you looking to make some lifestyle changes in your home? - Are you confused about where to start? This is a great event for you to learn and become empowered to take those steps forward! Having been a parent of a child with food and personal care intolerances for 5 very long years, and having endured sleep interruptions every single night for 13 years from the emotional turbulence a severely bullied child suffers - Naomi will share her and her daughters story, and how she had to empower herself to find a solution. She will take you on a journey through becoming aware of general product choices, and their impact on your families health, to the basics on essential oils and oil infused products and why everyone is raving about them, and ultimately helping you understand how to find the most suitable products for you and your family for general wellness, mood management and more! From one parent to another, just practical steps in an easy to understand format! PLUS you will leave with your own 'My Family Wellness Plan' workbook, curated by you! Take a little 'me time' to clear your head, know you are not alone, and plan a positive way forward for you and your precious family.
About Naomi
Naomi Dyer has had quite the journey to get to where she is today - after spending years as an IT corporate manager, trainer & also a professional singer, she had a complete life change and is now a passionate wellness educator, entrepreneur, international speaker, cancer survivor, daughter, mum, and wife. Having experienced 5 years with a child with various food and personal care product intolerances, and 13 years of severe sleep deprivation due to the emotional struggles from being bullied at school, Naomi knew she had to empower herself to find solutions for her daughter and her whole family. This led to many years of research and trialling different natural options before finally settling on the one that has totally changed her family's life, Young Living. When cancer took away her ability to sing professionally, she found Young Living, and through speaking about this amazing company says that ‘Young Living gave me my voice back’.