An Introduction to Young Living
What is Young Living and what are essential oils? How can essential oils benefit you and your family?
Ignite is a business presentation for your guests. It’s designed to be a fun and informative introduction into the Young Living products and chemical-free lifestyle (and maybe even the business!). Maybe you have guests sitting on the fence – bring them. Maybe you have spoken to someone briefly but not given them the full story – bring them! Maybe you just met them today and they are brand new – bring them! It’s an opportunity for you and your team members to show off our community of like-minded people and find out why we love the oils so much. The more people, the merrier!
Ignite is also designed with you in mind! We will be forwarding the presentation to you so you can run your very own Ignite introduction training! Whether it’s in your own home or in a town hall, whether it’s for one or for 100! This presentation is compliant, informative and designed to excite your guest with the idea of coming on board. It is a fantastic additional tool for connecting with people and alongside your workshops, expos and other events, it may even help you get to Diamond.


Join us at Ignite to discover:
How company Founder D. Gary Young discovered the unique power of essential oils, and how he and Young Living CEO Mary Young founded the company
Young Living’s remarkable global reach
Our proprietary five step Seed to Seal process
How essential oils can help you and your family achieve optimum wellness
Our diverse, essential oil-infused product lines as well as everyday uses for a number of Young Living products
How to share Young Living the right way with your friends and family


All payments are via credit card. No cash accepted on the night.
Tickets pre-purchased - $15 for members, $10 for non members / guests
Tickets at the door - $20 for members, $10 for non members / guests*
Your Guest will receive a credit of $10.00 if your guest joins at the event.
Please note that if your guest joins the business at the event and places an order at the event, the Young Living member who brought the guest to the meeting will receive a $20 credit on their Young Living Account. * ^ #
Specials at the event!
You will be able to purchase products for 20% off all orders and there will be special deals on the night for you and your guests and an opportunity to order products at discounted prices.
If your guest^ joins on the night, their Basic Starter Kit price will be reduced by $10
If you or your guest^ places an order on the night, they will receive 20% off their total dollar value of the order^
N.B. 20% LESS PV.
* This offer is only available to members who pre-purchase guest tickets.
^ This offer is only to members who have guests who join the business and place an order AT THE EVENT.
# Only 1 (one) $20 credit per membership applies regardless of how many new member the Young Living members brings.
1) Registration is online.
2) Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Numbers are limited.
3) No refund or exchange for tickets purchased.
4) Meeting starts promptly at the published starting time.
5) Special product offers & discounts on orders are valid at the event only.