Wellness, Purpose & Abundance
Imagine a life filled with wellness. Imagine a life filled with purpose. Imagine a life filled with abundance.
Come join us, and Accelerate your Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance. Experience a more advanced look at essential oils and what they can offer your friends and family.
We are absolutely thrilled with the Accelerate concept! Once you have been Ignited, you then want to accelerate! This event is designed for business builders wanting to grow their leadership and business skills and turn their passion into an income. You are invited to bring a guest too!


Accelerate has 3 powerful components – Wellness, Purpose and Abundance, as the tag line outlines.

1. In Wellness we will cover more advanced product training and show you new ways to share the Young Living products from the wellness perspective.

At this upcoming, event Brenda will be presenting “Elevate Your Gym Bag”, using Young Living to get the most out of your workout.

2. In Purpose we will always cover something that speaks to the “You” that wants to grow; the “You” that recognises your need to get out of your comfort zone; the “You” that wants the better things in life such as personal development; knowing your why; sharing your story or giving back. Information that fans the flames of purpose and inspiration within you.

At our upcoming event Brenda and Kim will be presenting “Love it? Share it! Repeat – How to Design a Powerful Share. It will be a practical session on sharing your story.

3. In Abundance we will be honing in on business skills. Being successful in business requires that you acquire and master some basic skills. Sales, organisation and management, finance and customer service skills are just some of them!


All payments are via credit card. No cash accepted on the night.
Tickets pre-purchased - $15 for members, $10 for guests
Tickets at the door - $20 for members, $10 for guests*
Specials at the event!
You will be able to purchase products for 20% off all orders and there will be special deals on the night for you and your guests and an opportunity to order products at discounted prices.
If your guest^ joins on the night, their Basic Starter Kit price will be reduced by $10
If you or your guest^ places an order on the night, they will receive 20% off their total dollar value of the order^
N.B. 20% LESS PV.
* This offer is only available to members who pre-purchase guest tickets.
^ This offer is only to members who have guests who join the business and place an order AT THE EVENT.
# Only 1 (one) $20 credit per membership applies regardless of how many new member the Young Living members brings.
1) Registration is online.
2) Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Numbers are limited.
3) No refund or exchange for tickets purchased.
4) Meeting starts promptly at the published starting time.
5) Special product offers & discounts on orders are valid at the event only.