We believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of all things beauty! That means getting silky hair, satin-like skin, and naturally-derived makeup to match your gorgeous look. Browse these 18 must-haves—you absolutely, totally, 100 percent deserve every one!

Warning: The side effects of Young Living beauty products may include more confidence, covetable hair, and dreamy skin.

Essential oil beauty basicsManuka essential oil

1. Geranium essential oil: Start your beauty regimen with this luxe oil! Geranium is more than its pretty pink label and elegant scent—it gives you luminous skin and softens the appearance of age lines.

2. Cedarwood essential oil: Make way for the queen of beauty oils! Cedarwood will moisturize your skin, give you the hair of gods and goddesses, and emphasize your youthful glow!

3. Manuka essential oil: Give blemishes the boot with Manuka! This gentler, more subtle cousin of Tea Tree provides all the same benefits: Soothed skin, healthy-looking nails, and a cleansed complexion.

4. Mastrante essential oil: Call on your trusty BFF Mastrante for the pick-me-up you need! Add 5 drops to 2 ounces of water and spritz your face for all-day radiant skin.

Skin secretsOrange blossom face wash, orange blossom moisturizer, charcoal bar soap

5. Orange Blossom Facial Wash: Seeking a product that softens skin and cleans pores, while mattifying an overly shiny complexion? We promise this Orange Blossom Facial Wash delivers!

6. Orange Blossom Moisturizer: Pair your facial wash with the Orange Blossom Moisturizer for double the beauty benefits! You’ll love how clear and silky smooth your skin looks while leaving a luminous matte finish!

7. Charcoal Bar Soap: Try out trends that work! The Charcoal Bar Soap gives you a deep clean that strips impurities while leaving you feeling fresh and renewed.

8. Savvy Minerals® Poppy Seed Lip Scrub: Prep your pretty pout with Savvy Minerals Poppy Seed Lib Scrub! Your soft, cleansed, conditioned, and smooth lips will be ready for any night on the town and the lipstick to match!

9. Mirah Luminous Cleansing Oil: Take off your makeup with ease! Use the luxurious