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0 February 19, 2015 - Archive

Young Living ART Skin Care SystemA few months ago I had the privilege of introducing the recently updated ART® Skin Care System at a member meeting in Texas. On my way through airport security, I forgot to remove my ART products from my carry-on luggage, so I was called over for an additional bag check. When the TSA agent opened the bag and saw the kit, she exclaimed, “Oh, that’s Young Living. I know that company!”


Thanks to our reputation for high-quality products and a diverse member community, people the world over are coming to recognize Young Living, but we are not a sudden trend. For 20 years we have been committed to offering our members the best products available, infused with the power of essential oils.


The same product that I had in my bag at the airport is a great example of our commitment: the ART Skin Care System. One of our most popular personal care items, the ART Skin Care System features naturally derived extracts that reveal true beauty, without resorting to synthetics. I love that this simple, three-step system can refresh the skin with ingredients such as:


Young Living - Seed to Seal

  • Seed to Seal-quality essential oils: We use authentic essential oils celebrated for their ability to nourish and beautify the skin.
  • Orchid flower extract: Often used in traditional beauty products, orchid extract is deeply hydrating.
  • Proprietary blend of botanical extracts: Preserves ART products naturally, preventing the growth of germs, fungus, and mold in the container.


Young Living ART Skin Care SystemPremium products like this show that Young Living’s commitment to quality isn’t a marketing gimmick. We have earned our reputation as the world leader in essential oils. My experience with the TSA agent in Texas isn’t the first time I’ve unexpectedly met someone who has heard of us, and it certainly won’t be the last.


Have you tried the updated ART skin care system? What are your Young Living travel beauty must-haves? Let us know in the comments!


—Luba Vozar, PhD, Senior Personal Care Portfolio Manager

  • Alissa Heppler

    Are the lip balm products gluten-free? My grandmother has Celiac Disease and I am trying to see if these products are safe for her. Are any of the products in the personal care sections not gluten-free? Thank you for the information!

    • Young Living

      Hi Alissa, Thanks for stopping by we were able to confirm that the Lavender, Cinnamint™, and Grapefruit Lip Balms are gluten free. If there are other specific products you would like to inquire please contact for confirmation.

  • Kmacandrew

    I noticed that you state that none of your products are tested on animals. I am just curious as to why you do not state that on your products, in my books this would be a great selling feature as well as give me confidence. So many manufactures hide behind the fact that the raw materials they buy are tested.

    • Young Living

      Hi Kmacandrew, That is a fantastic suggestion! We would be happy to pass that on, thanks for stopping by!

  • Emily

    Are your theives household cleaners gluten free? Thanks!

    • Young Living

      Hi Emily, Great question! The Thieves® Household Cleaner does not include any ingredients which contain gluten. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Adriana

    Is Young Living company cruelty free?

    • Young Living

      Hi Adriana, Young Living® has a policy against testing the efficacy or safety of its products on animals. Young Living’s products are formulated to be safe for nearly all users; therefore, animal testing is neither required nor performed in our product development process. Thanks for stopping by with your question!

  • Leigh

    Does Sheerlume contain gluten?

    • Young Living

      Hi Leigh, Great question! We have verified that there is no gluten in Sheerlume™. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Jen

    I thought the ART system does include gluten (some oat sources and wheat germ oil) . I an above post from Young Living, they stated the ART line does not contain gluten?? Can Young Living comment and clarify? thanks!

    • HI Jen, The ART® Skin Care System products- Gentle Cleanser, Light Moisturizer, Refreshing Toner do not include any gluten containing ingredients or ingredients from oat sources.
      It is possible that these products are manufactured in facilities which use gluten in product formulations. Though there may be gluten processed in the same facility please rest assured that according to cGMP’s (current good manufacturing practices) the machinery is cleansed and sanitized between products to prevent contamination. If you have additional concerns about the use of any of these products we would encourage you to speak to your health care provider.

  • Rachel Maggert

    my sister has extremely, extremely, extremely, did I mention extremely (LOLOL) dry skin. will this product help her?? is it appropriate for her type of skin?

    • Hi Rachel! The ART® Skin Care products are suitable for all skin types as a fundamental first step in skin care. People with specific needs such as dry skin may need additional products. You may want to review the products found on for other products which may meet her needs as well. We hope this is helpful!

  • Suzzane

    Hi, are the New ART Skin Care suitable to be used by Asia hot country user ? or the New ART is designed for 4 season country only.

    • Hi Suzzane! The new ART® Skin Care products are suitable for all climates. However, individuals in humid vs. arid environments may need to adjust usage accordingly. Hope this is helpful!

  • sarah

    Are the essential oils gluten free?

    • Hi Sarah! All Young Living essential oils are 100% pure essential oil from plants and do not include any gluten-containing ingredients.

  • Sharon

    I love the ART skin care line! Attended Beauty School last October.Learned about the products and got to try them. What an incredible difference!On my return home a Dallas airport gate agent stopped me to comment on my face and what products I used. Got to share Young Living. I would not use any other product on my face!! Love the toner, Orange Blossom wash, ART SERUM (a must) Sheerlume, Sandalwood Moisture Creme and Wolfberry Eye creme! Simply the best products ever! Your skin will love you for it!

    • Gail

      Blossom, I’m 63 years old so my oily skin as age spots, a bit large of pores, and a few wrinkles. I’ve been using ROC products with good results but they still make my face shiney- esp in the summer. Olay, nuetrogena, revlon etc all turn my face into a grease ball. Are these light enough to not make me greasy?

  • Hi Jade, the ART Skin Care System is not specifically designed to help with acne, though washing the face twice a day and avoiding pore-clogging products can benefit skin complexion.

  • Ruth

    My daughter is extremely sensitive to gluten. Are the ART products gluten-free?

    • Hi Ruth, glad you dropped by! The ART Skin Care System does not contain gluten ingredients.

  • Julie

    Yes, I have tried and live the ART skin system… but i expressly like the nighttime reconstruction lotion. Why is that no longer available?

    • Hi Julie – glad you dropped by! The ART Day Activator and Night Reconstructor were combined into one new-and-improved ART Light Moisturizer. This new formula is designed for use during the day and at night to simplify your routine, and provides enhanced benefits like evened skin tone, improved skin elasticity, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and more. Hope this helps!

  • Sheila Bredeson

    I have wanted to try the Art skin care products but haven’t dared since I can’t use products that contain wheat. I wish that YL would consider reformulating skincare and carrier oils without wheat.

  • MWipperman

    Are the products Vegan?

  • Jeanne Hess

    I love the sandalwood cream, rose ointment, Boswell1a cream, and the wolfberry cream. My skin had gotten really dry and the combination of theses products have really made a difference in my skin.

  • Dawn

    bought ART skin care system at recent event, I really like the products,I have dry ,sensitive skin which means I need moisturizer but easily breakout .I’ve been using these for about a month and they work well.just wish light moisturizer was in larger volume..already out and it’s been less than a month and I have used sparingly ,so will have to see if can continue using because of pricing

  • I’ve used the new ART Skin care system for two months now and I LOVE it. I especially enjoy the refreshing toner morning and night!

    I recently had to fly overseas at a last minute, and the first thing I grabbed before my passport was LAVENDER and a few more bottles of my precious oils:)

  • mary kay

    I have not tried the ART skin care yet. I probably should since my skin is becoming so dry this winter. Any suggestions?

    • You’d probably do great with the entire line, especially the new ART Light Moisturizer. Also, don’t forget to be drinking your H2O to keep your body hydrated with all this dry air!

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