YL in the Kitchen: Italian Dipping Oil

3 January 12, 2015 - Archive

Bring the taste of Italy to your dining table with this easy-to-prepare dipping oil recipe! Serve as an appetizer, as a side at dinner, or anytime as a tasty snack.


In this recipe we’ve included the bold flavors of Oregano, Basil, Thyme, and Rosemary essential oils. Just one drop packs a full-bodied flavor since these essential oils are several times more concentrated than the original herb.


Dipping Oil for Italian Bread - with Young Living Essential Oils

Have some fun with flavor and experiment with these other essential oil ideas!


Do you have any other great dipping oil combinations? Share your culinary skills in the comments!

  • Kristina

    Is there a reason to be cautious with the Oregano oil, or is it because it is just a very strong flavor?

    • Hi Kristina, Thanks for stopping by with your great question. A dipped toothpick of Oregano essential oil is recommended over a drop because the flavor may be overpowering.

  • Anonymous

    Great use for the special “taste if Italy” February ER bonus!

  • Marcelle

    Of course I meant allowed. Sorry for the spelling error.

  • Marcelle

    Are we aloud to repost in our individual websites as long as we show yl logo?

    • Hi Marcelle, sure thing! Please just refer people back to youngliving.com. Thanks for asking!

  • Debbie Norris

    I might suggest adding some finely minced fresh garlic to this to give it even more bite and health benefits of the garlic with those 4 awesome oils!! Would make for greater immune support! Blessings! Debbie Norris

  • teri croft

    did I miss a link to post recipe on Pinterest?

    • Hi Teri, we’re working on a new blog layout with a Pinterest link. In the meantime, you can add the link into Pinterest as a new Pin. Hope this helps!

      • Tara

        Spectacular, can’t wait!

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